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Rui Guo, a new member of the Frozen Lenses Photography Club, photographs a toy moose, experimenting with forced perspective during a macro photography demo. Sarah Manriquez/ Photo Editor Photo credit: Sarah Manriquez

The Frozen Lenses Photography Club is showing “Exposed: A Group Exhibition” at the UAF Gallery near the Great Hall. The exhibit, made up of 52 images from 17 group members, will be in the gallery for all of February.

Exposed” showcases the diverse expertises and interests of the club’s members. The exhibition’s name is a play on diction used among photographers, with “exposed” being the final product of the development process.

The club will be holding a special event Valentine week from Feb. 13-17 called “Heart My Photo” which will allow gallery visitors to participate in a holiday-themed giveaway.

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Kathryn Reichert, media manager with the Frozen Lenses Photography Club, uses a clip on macro lens for her cell phone camera to photograph an up close image of a radish leaf on Jan. 26 during a macro photography demo. Sarah Manriquez/ Photo Editor Photo credit: Sarah Manriquez

Frozen Lenses charges a membership fee of $15 per semester, which helps fund guest speakers, food for meetings and purchasing equipment for demos and member rentals. Members sometimes receive discounts on gallery visits, inclusion in the club showing and a personal page on the club website. Meetings are every Thursday at 6 p.m. in room 313 in the Bunnell building.

Jason Lazarus, an adjunct professor and technician, helped create Frozen Lenses around 2006. Charles Mason, the club’s faculty sponsor, ended up taking the remaining funds for a previously failed camera club and contributing to the creation of Frozen Lens. In fall of 2015 through the combined effort of Charlotte Peterson, Kathryn Reichert and Sarah Manriquez Frozen Lens has become “bigger than ever.”

“They are in a very active period for Frozen Lenses. There is a lot of energy in the group. Their first juried competition, titled Circumpolar, is coming up. Jeff Shultz, a well-known photographer from Anchorage, is coming to jury the entries,” Mason said. “I love their energy in pursuing all these activities.”

Frozen Lenses seeks to allow students to work on their own technique while seeing what others are working on and collaborating to further their skill.

The club will also feature two more shows after “Exposed.” These shows are “2017 Peter MacKeith Memorial Photography Exhibition: Ascension” and the “State-wide juried Exhibition: Circumpolar.”


Kathryn Reichert (left) explains to Rui Guo (right) the setup for her forced perspective toy animal photos on Jan. 26 during a macro photography demo. Reichert builds her own miniature sets and uses her son’s plastic animal toys in a series of images called “How My Son Sees It." Sarah Manriquez/ Photo Editor Photo credit: Sarah Manriquez

The “Peter MacKeith Memorial Photography Exhibition” is a collaborative effort between the Student Activities Office and Frozen Lenses to create an adventure themed show honoring UAF student Peter MacKeith and allow students to share their passion for the outdoors. MacKeith was a doctoral student in the late 1970s. Following his death an endowment fund was created to support amateur photography. The show will be presented on March 3 from 5-8 p.m. and will be up until March 17. The show winners will receive prizes be featured in Clarity magazine.

Before “State-wide juried Exhibition: Circumpolar” there were only two other state-wide juried exhibitions. It was through the efforts Frozen Lens that the third state wide juried exhibition will be added. The show is meant to express life in northern areas specifically targeting the circumpolar region. The exhibit will be featured from April 7-29 at Ursa Major Distilling.

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