Concert Board plans for fall concert

Katie Stark / Sun Star

The UAF Concert Board decided in late October that they will be hosting a fall concert, with the potential dates being Dec. 4 or 5. They plan to bring together bands from all over Fairbanks to play in the Wood Center Ballroom for the event, a change from their usual format.

The fall concert usually happens the week before Starvation Gulch, but this year it was canceled due to four bands rejecting the Concert Board’s bid and the Concert Board restructuring, according to Board Chair Karissa Amador in a previous interview with the Sun Star.

This event will most likely be different than previous years’ concerts, according to Anne Williamson, Concert Board advisor.

“[It will be] much more laid back, kind of chill, more like an acoustic session sort of thing,” Williamson said.

The concert will consist of several local bands rather than one out-of-state artist, according to Hannah Witherington, a Concert Board member.

The booked artists include Alisha Drumm, Paige Compton, Dangerlot and Common Courtesy, Witherington said.

One of the reasons the Concert Board is running such a low-key show this fall is in hopes of saving money for future concerts. Hiring local bands is significantly less expensive and because of this, admission will most likely be free, according to Williamson.

The Concert Board announced on their Facebook page on Oct. 21 that they will be hosting a competition for a new Concert Board logo, the competition states that the winner will receive two free tickets to the fall concert. However, since the fall concert will probably be free, the tickets will go towards the spring concert, according to Williamson.

More information about the competition can be found on the Concert Board’s Facebook page.

Due to Cody Rogers stepping down as Concert Board advisor in late August, and because the majority of the board members are new, there have been a lot of changes while the members try to get a feel for their new positions.

“The most important thing to understand about [the] Concert Board is that it’s a board completely of students,” Williamson said, “so they have a lot of things to consider when they’re planning a concert.”

One change in the new system is that the Concert Board is welcoming any students who want to be involved in concert planning to attend their weekly meetings on Sunday at 3 p.m.

“They’re very open to students who want to know more about [the concert], to attend the meetings,” Williamson said.

The Concert Board would also like to know more about what kind of artists’ the students are interested in seeing live, so they can get a feel of who UAF should bring up in the future, according to Witherington.

“I think we should definitely gauge student input and see if students would prefer to have more smaller shows or one really big more extravagant show,” Witherington said. “ASUAF elections are coming up in November and I think we’re going to have some poll questions where we can just gauge student interest.”

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