Concert Board restructures, potentially no fall concert

Zayn Roohi / Sun Star

The Concert Board may choose to cancel their fall concert after four artists turned down their invitation and Staff advisor Cody Rogers stepped down.


ASUAF President Matthew Carrick (left) hands Concert Board chair Karissa Amador (right) a list of artists that the board is thinking about bringing up. – Zayn Roohi / Photo Editor

“Over the summer we did make four offers to four different bands,” Concert Board chair Karissa Amador said, “They just didn’t go through. It wasn’t for lack of trying.”

At the first Concert Board meeting of the semester on Friday, a list was drawn up of artists to contact. KSUA General Manager Mickey Zakurdaew suggested bringing up local bands from Anchorage, which he knew could come up sometime in November. Another band suggestion was 18+, a Los Angeles whose lyrical content primarily concerns sex. More popular artists that Concert Board members were thinking of are Shwayze, Run the Jewels and X Ambassadors.

Even if the Board can find funds for popular artists, one large factor in the bands coming up is whether the band wants to spend time traveling to Alaska to perform for such a small audience. The cold weather and long nights can also influence artists.

“It hasn’t been ruled out that there won’t be a concert,” Amador said on Friday.

The possibility fall concert being cancelled isn’t necessarily a bad thing. According to Amador, the funds for the concert will be saved and used at a concert some time in the future. She said that a larger fund for the spring concert could be used to bring up a more famous artist, or for having more than one concert in the same semester.

Another idea is to have an all ages show with a beer garden in the back for students aged 21 or older.

Amador would like to see the funds used in the spring, as the students would enjoy it more due to the nice weather, impending summer and the potential of the artist being more popular. Zakurdaew would like to use the funds in the fall to bring up several local Anchorage artists, and have them perform over several different days.

The early August resignation of Cody Rogers from her position as Concert Board staff advisor has also contributed to the Board’s indecision.

Concert Board chair Karissa Amador takes notes on ways the Governance Agreement should be changed. The Governance Agreement is an agreement between ASUAF and the Concert Board that describes the funding, election and schedule of the Concert Board. - Zayn Roohi / Photo Editor

Concert Board chair Karissa Amador takes notes on ways the Governance Agreement should be changed. The Governance Agreement is an agreement between ASUAF and the Concert Board that describes the funding, election and schedule of the Concert Board. – Zayn Roohi / Photo Editor

“We’re going to have to figure out how to get a coordinator; it’s a learning experience,” ASUAF president Matthew Carrick said.

Rogers is the Director of Programming for the Student Activities Office (SAO). During her time on the Concert Board, she not only was the staff advisor, but also filled the role of coordinator. Other members of the Board include the student chair and five members who are elected from the Senate, KSUA, Traditions and the Media Board.

Rogers has stated that her main reason for stepping down is increasing workload for SAO, largely a result of budget cuts.

After bringing up artists such as Macklemore, Murs, Aseop Rock and Matt and Kim, stepping down was not an easy decision for Rogers.

“I love the shit out of Concert Board,” Rogers said, “Some of my fondest memories are from it.”

With eight years dedicated to the Board, it was hard for Rogers to say goodbye. She hopes that the newly elected chair, Amador, will take the reigns and lead.

Because the Concert Board will no longer be a part of SAO, Carrick wants to look into altering which organizations the Board fits in with, and how it’s organized.

“We’re going to have to figure out the long term of where the Concert Board fits in,” Carrick said. He thinks it won’t be a part of the Student Activities Office (SAO) in the future.

Amador wasn’t sure where the Board would end up, but did say it would be decided by a vote at one of the meetings.

One option is for it to permanently join with ASUAF. The Board could also join a different student organization, such as LIVE.

On Friday’s Concert Board meeting, Carrick brought up the idea of it becoming a part of KSUA, the student radio station. KSUA General Manager Mickey Zakurdaew was initially unsure about this, but considered the idea as the meeting went on.

KSUA occasionally brings up artists to up to UAF for KSUA Take Out, a multimedia project where bands are interviewed and recorded playing live in various places around campus. However, their budget is not big enough to host a concert for students, according to Zakurdaew. The Concert Board has their own budget, and it’s unclear whether this would be used in addition to KSUA’s.

With temperatures dropping steadily and days getting shorter, the chances of a fall concert are low. Carrick Is hoping that things will work out, but he thinks it will be well into winter and towards the end of the semester before things calm down.

“We’re just trying to figure out the transfer of management and get everybody settled in. It’s only the second week of school,” Amador said.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    I would much rather see a more well known artist in the spring time that to have artists from Anchorage come up!

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