Norwegian rock group Heroes & Zeros play Blue Loon

Jeremia Schrock / Sun Star Reporter
March 15, 2011

A face with a pair of pink tongues emerging from the eye sockets was the makings of a memorable poster. It is both familiar (a human face) and decidedly unnerving (tongues for eyes). Norwegian rock band Heroes & Zeros, who spent March 11 playing the Blue Loon, is just such an oddity.

The band is composed of lead vocalist Hans Undelstvedt, bassist Lars Tofte and drummer Arne Mathisen. They played to a small but enthusiastic crowd, performing such hits as “A Strange Constellation” and “Into the Light,” the latter of which was featured on the soccer video game “FIFA 08.”

The three-member band, which hails from Oslo, combines the “traditional” rock paraphernalia of guitars, drums and vocals with some very modern accoutrements, chief among them a sample machine, which allows them to record vocals while on stage and then loop it for added affect. The band’s sound is best described as a fast-paced and energetic Snow Patrol crossed with Vampire Weekend.

After the show, Mathisen said that the band had come to Alaska with the intent of scouting out venues for future shows. He said that he hopes the band will return to the state during either this summer or the summer of 2012.

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