Democratic PAC’s ride to McAdams’ aide

By Jeremia Schrock

Sun Star Reporter

Since the Aug. 24 primary, the pockets of Democratic senate candidate Scott McAdams have grown deep. According to a link posted on their campaign’s Facebook page, McAdams has raised over $1 million in less then two months. While the campaign has stated that almost 4,000 donations have come from Alaskans, almost half of come from outside the state.

Several Political Action Committee’s (PAC’s) have donated financial support to McAdams’ election effort including Senator Mark Warner’s (D-VA) Forward Together PAC, Friends of Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), Senator Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) Fund for the Majority and the Searchlight Leadership Fund which is affiliated with Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV). Between those four PAC’s alone $17,000 was raised.

Several state politicians have also donated money to the McAdams campaign. Harry Crawford, the Democratic candidate for Alaska’s sole seat in the House of Representatives, has donated $600 while Democratic gubernatorial candidate Hollis French, who lost in the primaries, has contributed $200.

T. Neil Davis, professor emeritus of geophysics at UAF, made a campaign donation of  $250. When asked why, Davis said he “strongly supports Scott McAdams” for his stance on social security. Davis continued, citing Republican Joe Miller’s desire to “kill it (social security) by privatizing it” and write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski’s disapproval of it.

“I don’t like what Murkowski’s done on health care,” he added.

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