Despite long lines, Fred Meyer Student Night smaller than before

Don Derosier

Sun Star Reporter

College students began to flock in front of the Airport Way Fred Meyer on August 31, in anticipation for the store’s “Student Night” event. As the time grew closer, the lines grew until they wrapped around the store, as a snake would before consuming its prey. At exactly 12:01, the store opened the doors, letting the raving and ranting students free into the sea of sales.

The sales went through all departments, including school supplies, ranging from 10 to 70 percent off of certain items as marked. Fred Meyer had around 50 employees on standby with a disc jockey to kick off the event. There were many free samples throughout the store, including body spray, Starbucks shots, fries, corndogs, chips, and other tasteful delights.

Many students had just one thing in particular they needed, while others were stacking LCD televisions, cube size refrigerators, and frozen foods into their carts. “All I needed was a microwave because my roommate didn’t bring one,” said Jon Britton, one of the many UAF students attending the event.

“I was very excited about this event, and very happy the way it turned out,” Mike Halbert, Food Manager, later noted.

At the end of the night 1,179 students had stormed the store to re-supply and stock up for the busy semester ahead. Last year 1,467 students were counted, according to Fred Meyer.

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