Dining Services Contract

by Zayn Roohi

Photo Editor

At the end of this school year, UAF’s dining contract with NANA Management Services will expire.

The request for bids is on its final edit and will most likely be released next week, according to UAF contracts manager Pamm Zierfuss Hubbard. Once it’s released, companies can bid on the contract and the process of selecting a new company will begin.

DSC_3023 copy

Students wait in line at Dine 49. Currently, Dine 49 is staffed by NANA, but next year that may change. – Zayn Roohi / Photo Editor

Once the bidding process ends, a dining committee will decide who gets the new contract.

According to the Food and Thought Committee, an ASUAF committee which formed to be the student voice on dining services, two companies, Chartwell and Aeromark, will be bidding on it in addition to NANA.

Hubbard had high expectations for their future dining partner.

“We don’t want a mom and pop business. They need to be financially sound, be able to do the job and feed everyone,” said Hubbard. In addition, she wants to find a company that will be creative with utilizing the current set of food choices, which include a Mongolian style grill, salad bar and burger joint.

Hubbard also said not to expect many new food options, but there will be a few small changes. Dining Services will be looking at requests and opinions that the students have been voicing over the past semester when deciding who to pick and what to offer.

One example of this is the ongoing student request for Mexican food, which Hubbard said they may try to offer next year.

The new contract is set to begin on July 1, 2015.

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