Diwali, a Hindu Celebration of Lights

For individuals who managed to purchase tickets before they sold out, a Diwali celebration was held on Nov. 5. With the aroma of traditional Indian food in the air, the Wood Center Ballroom filled with people ready to celebrate the Hindu festival of lights.

Diwali is celebrated every year with a variety of events taking place. This year, the campus celebration featured a performer who rapped in the Marathi language, musical performances, a film screening and comedic commentary from the hosts.

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Tickets for this year's Diwali sold out early. Guests who were quick to purchase formed a line for the food while a photo show was projected. John Aldabe/Sun Star

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Diawli, the Hindu Festival of Lights, brought authentic Indian cusine, live performers and a community together on campus in the Woodcenter Ballroom on Nov. 5. Turn to page 5 for look into the celebration.

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Ramma Danekar participated in the Diwali celebration as a performer of the Marathi Rap and volunteered to serve food to guests on Saturday Nov. 5. John Aldabe/Sun Star

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Adam Tanner plays the sitar at the 2016 Diwali celebration. A sitar is large, long-necked Indian lute with movable frets, played with a wire pick. Typical ballads with the sitar can last 30 to 60 minutes. Tanner's performance was only a few minutes at the celebration on Nov. 5. John Aldabe/Sun Star

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Authentic Indian cuisine was a main attraction during Diwali on Nov. 5. Volunteers served guests a large variety of different Indian dishes. John Aldabe/Sun Star

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