DJ Hot-Sexy-Midnight steams up KSUA airwaves

Seth Hawkins (aka DJ Hot-Sexy-Midnight) entertains the KSUA audience on his radio show "Music to Make Love to Your Woman By". Rebecca Lawhorne/Sun Star

Rebecca Lawhorne/Sun Star Reporter
Dec. 6, 2011

After pulling the black collared shirt over his head and tossing it on the floor, Seth Hawkins took a seat in front of the hanging microphone and slipped into the character of DJ Hot-Sexy-Midnight.

“Music to Make Love to Your Woman By”, is the name of the KSUA student radio show, and Hawkins is it’s sole creator and captivator.

“You’ve reached the sexiest show on the air. How can I sexify you tonight?” Hawkins asks to one of the many who call in during the show with song requests. Some callers share humor with Hawkins, others just giggle.

From 10 p.m. to midnight on Thursday nights, the 25-year-old, who arrives to the studio with no more than a napkin inked with potential jokes, pushes buttons in the campus studio, as well as its creative limits. Although Hawkins is well aware of the ridiculous level the content often reaches, he said, part of his persona is always maintaining the vibe.

“I’ve almost laughed out loud on air a few times but I was able to hold it in.”

Hawkins is one of approximately 60 students who volunteer each semester to host radio shows on KSUA 91.5 fm, “Alternative Radio”. Volunteers enjoy creative freedom and the student-run station encourages them to put their own unique fingerprint on the radio. The content varies from talk shows about weird news to sports to psychology to current science.  The station also features music programs, which include your grandparents’ dance tunes, “Your grandfather’s records”, to two hours of heavy metal. The programs show off the diversity of UAF’s campus and add an unpredictable variation to Fairbanks airwaves.

DJ Hot-Sexy-Midnight adds a lot of character to the station, KSUA General Manager Ephy Wheeler said.

“We really like Seth. We hope he sticks around,” Wheeler said. They are glad to have Hawkins as part of the team, she said.

SOAP Radio Hour, a Wednesday afternoon self-help broadcast featuring and aimed at local teens, is also run by Hawkins, who goes by the name of DJ Tupacrities.

It was KSUA’s Program Director Rebecca File’s idea, Hawkins said, to take advantage of regulatory freedom on a late night show.

“She said they had open time slots during safe harbor hours, and asked if I was interested.” Hawkins, who calls the hour after 11 p.m., “eclectic hour”, replied with, “Can I do something sexy?”

Beginning at 11 p.m., the prerecorded voice of a KSUA employee frequently issues the warning, “KSUA is currently in its safe harbor hours. If you are at all sensitive or have children listening, please be advised.” This means programming deemed indecent for children can be broadcasted. DJs may play the unrestricted music until 6 a.m.

File, who met Hawkins four years ago, OK’d the sexy theme but stressed the importance of staying within the guidelines.

“I have to make sure that the line is walked and not crossed,” File said. “He understands and respects that.”

The potential of these unrestricted hours seems to fulfill a creative urge within Hawkins.

“I love it. I look forward to Thursday all week long,” he said. 

Hawkins learned the hard way that people who host shows during the late hours are not granted the same creative freedom as the artists they play. His first week in the studio, he received a written warning from KSUA management due to indecent and obscene language involving canine mating rituals.

“It was a little graphic to say the least, but it’s hard to keep myself from running wild,” Hawkins said. He describes artists like Amy Winehouse, Marvin Gaye, and Al Green, as “staples” in the show.

“We had to listen in a couple times and call him and say, ‘Seth, you can’t say that.’” Wheeler said. 

When he isn’t mixing music as DJ Hot-Sexy-Midnight, the smooth-tongued Hawkins is a graduate student working toward a master’s degree in education with an emphasis in counseling. The Fairbanks native received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from UAF and hopes to eventually pursue a doctorate in the subject.

Hawkins works with the Street Outreach and Advocacy Program on Seventh Avenue downtown. For the past year, he has been a source of support to at-risk and homeless youth and has been in charge of the SOAP radio hour since this summer. Providing food, clothing and bus tokens are some of the services SOAP offers those ages 10 to 21 in need of a helping hand.  “It’s also a place where kids can just come and hang out and watch a movie with me,” adds Hawkins, who includes the teens on the Wednesday show.

File, who describes Hawkins’ on-air personality as “hilarious”, says that although his time as DJ Tupacrities during the SOAP radio hour is directed towards community outreach, his overall charisma is the same.

“He’s got you rolling on the floor laughing but then he brings you back down to the issues,” she said. 

Aside from doing every Thursday night show shirtless, Hawkins doodles hearts on the set list DJs turn into KSUA management, props the studio’s boom box blaring his show next to the open window for those leaving the campus pub to hear, and pulls listeners into his charismatic world with his inspiring creative rants involving all things sexy.

The DJ, whose inner biceps are decorated with DaVinci sketches and his ribs with the famous “Ancient of Days” painting by William Blake, claims his talent comes naturally from his parents, ”the Greek goddess of sexiness and a centaur.”

However he does it, listeners are staying tuned. The phone calls surge during his last hour on air with song requests, providing comedic illustrations of the theme, and “sexy shout-outs” which range widely from “This is for the super sexy-sounding Amber” to “Whomever requests the sexiest song tonight gets to make love to me inside a Venus fly-trap.” Hawkins emphasized that particular prize was never claimed.

Fellow KSUA DJ Bridget Drager, who hosts “All Folked Up” Wednesday mornings, and her roommate listen to the show every Thursday night in their cabin, Drager said. “It’s our Thursday night ritual,” she said.

No complaints so far, Hawkins said. “People dig it.”

The DJ is confident his sexy banter won’t dry out. “I’ll do this as long as I can,” Hawkins said, “until they tell me to stop.”


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