Duct tape flotilla to take over Chena River

Heather Bryant
July 15, 2011

The 15th annual Red Green Regatta is scheduled for July 24, when dozens of duct tape rafts will launch into the Chena River at Graehl Park.

Thousands of people are involved as participants and spectators each year according to Gretchen Gordon, director of development and outreach for KUAC, the event’s host.

“It’s our biggest community outreach event for KUAC and AlaskOne,” said Gordon.

The Regatta had a record number of participants last year with approximately 90 crafts on the water.


“It’s a fun thing to do,” said Gordon. “And if it’s a nice day then it’s a great way to spend a Sunday.”

The event is not a race but a showcase for showing appreciation for the Red Green Show. Judges will be cruising among the participants and will be picking winning crafts that have imaginative use of duct tape and the Red Green theme.

“It’s really all about ingenuity and how we Alaskans like to slap things together with duct tape,” said Gordon.

The deadline for early registration is July 15, however, entries can still be registered up until the event starts.

Check-in and registration starts at 10 a.m. on July 24, and the crafts launch at 11 a.m. The rafts will float to Pioneer Park where the award ceremony will be held.

For entry information and to see photos of last year’s Regatta check out the KUAC: 15th Annual Red Green Regatta website.

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