Heather Bryant / Sun Star Reporter
Oct. 4, 2011

As this point in the semester, many students are already starting to work on midterm projects or are bogged down in a full load of classes that are piling up the assignments. For many there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done, so you borrow some or all of the hours from the night to meet deadlines. The further you get into the semester, the more tired you get. Here are a few signs that you are joining the ranks of the sleep-deprived:

Snap Crackle and Pop

If you find yourself hulking out at every little question or minor inconvenience then you may need to take a nap. It’s called hyper irritability. Just like little kids, we get cranky when we get tired. So, sneak in a nap under a study carousel in the library, lest you want all of your classmates and friends to force you to.

Say What?

Have you ever felt like you’ve read the same line over and over? Have you ever felt like you’ve read the same line over and over?  Have you ever felt like you’ve read the same line over and over? That happens when you get tired. You’re better off sleeping on your book than trying to read it at this stage of sleeplessness.

Wait. What?

Have you already forgotten what this list is about? Memory loss is also a symptom of exhaustion. If you can’t remember how you got to school today, go to bed.

Weird Dreams

Let’s say you finally steal a few precious minutes or, if you’re really lucky, an hour of sweet sleep. Usually one of two things will happen. You will plunge into a deep dark abyss of sleep or you will dream that you are still doing things that you need to do. I’ve fallen asleep doing homework, dreamed I finished it and went to class the next day thinking it was done. Not good.

Free falling at your desk

We’ve all experienced the adrenaline-inducing moment when your head drops towards your desk in class and your body jerks upwards. That falling feeling and the resulting jump is known as a hypnic jerk. It’s a normal muscle spasm that can happen as the body falls asleep. The experience usually happens as your professor launches into the second hour of a PowerPoint presentation in a dark room.

Everything is funnier than normal

Being tired shares a lot of symptoms with being drunk. Some people get really quiet. Some people get angry. But there’s a whole other class of people who start to find everything hilarious.  What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t work? A stick. If that made you laugh, it’s time for bed. If you found this column funny, lay down wherever you are right now and sleep for at least an hour.

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