Editorial – UAF Hockey: What even is it?

Molly Putman / Layout Editor

On the evening of Feb. 6 the Nanook hockey team played the Ferris State Bulldogs, losing to the Bulldogs in overtime with a score of 1-2.

As a UAF student I’m sorry to say that I’ve never attended one of our UAF hockey games, and as a Canadian citizen I’m deeply ashamed to admit I only have a vague understanding of the sport in general.

But it’s 2016, so it’s time to try new things and see what the fuss is all about. Last Saturday evening I went to see the Nanooks play against the Ferris State Bulldogs and braved the waters to give fellow outsiders the inside scoop.

First off, the games are free for students, which is super nice. That alone makes it worth checking out if you haven’t already, since there’s really nothing to lose. I had barely sat down when there was A REALLY LOUD HONK. It was very scary. Everyone was waving their arms and shouting!!! They were so excited about the honk.

Lesson one: The honk meant we scored. So if you hear a really loud honk, get excited! It means we’re doing good! At this point I was pretty pumped, since I just got there and there was already honking and scoring going on. Freshman John Mullally was the one to cause the honk by scoring on Ferris State, and I was getting excited to see more scores and more honks.

Lesson two: Both teams really wanted the puck. Why not just get more pucks? Then everyone could share and they could all go home and be friends instead of slamming into each other. The black and white striped men weren’t too concerned about the puck however, they seemed to be there to just have a good time without engaging in puck-warfare.

After 45 minutes of getting excited watching the players skate for the puck, the Bulldogs made a score. I almost didn’t notice, because they didn’t get a honk.

You know, I’m really sick of this prejudice against bulldogs. They have just as much potential to be nice or “mean” as other dogs. It’s how they’re raised, and all of the bulldogs I know are really sweet. They deserve honks when they score too.

After the first period (Hockey is broken into three periods, by the way. That’s twice as many breaks to get food then a sport with a halftime!) Our mascot Nook came on to the rink with a pickup truck. Now, I’m no expert, but that seems like it must be against the rules. Having a truck on the rink doesn’t hardly seem fair to the other team. But what do I know?

Also, there is food at these events! How great is that? I had a pretty good mocha and two cookies, and I saw people walking around with Coldstone ice cream, so that’s a thing. So, if you eat food, that’s another reason to attend, as food can be purchased at the game with money.

No one else scored (but they were trying their best!) for the rest of the game, so it went into overtime. Ferris State made another point, and the Nanook net somehow flew into the air, which was really exciting. People did not like that. Then the game was over. If you’re keeping track, you’ll know at this point the score was 1-2. 

All in all, it was a pretty good time. Not sure I’d go again, because I am actually terrified of people in mascot costumes (WHERE ARE THEIR EYES LOOKING?!), but definitely worth checking out. Also, even though they were making a big fuss over the puck, after the games all the players shook hands, so we know they’re still friends.

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4 Responses

  1. jeff benowitz says:

    UAF hockey games are not free for students. The editors of the SunStar should have fixed this. Every full time UAF student is forced to purchase a season pass UAF hockey games.

  2. jeff Benowitz says:

    Is the Sun Star free for students?
    Tuition Free for Students?
    Food, Housing at UAF?

    Yes, if you give UAF your credit card first and you consider items you have already paid for, free.

    My house was free, after I paid my mortgage.

    It is irresponsible for a school newspaper to state that inter-collegiate sports at UAF are free, when every student pays to support our student’s athletes.

    What does inter-collegiate sports cost the state and it’s citizens? That would be over 10 million dollars. Perhaps it is worth it. Perhaps not?

  3. jeff Benowitz says:

    why wont you post my comments
    or accept my letter to the editor?

  4. Trudy says:

    This article was brilliant. “Why not just get more pucks”.

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