New school year, new season of intramural sports

Elika Roohi/Sun Star Editor-in-Chief
September 4, 2012

Intramural sports are an integral part of the college experience at UAF.  Offered every quarter, students have a wide array of sports to choose from and compete in.  They are a small time commitment and a fun way to meet other students on campus.

At this point in my college career, I’ve played a few of the different intramural sports that the Student Recreation Center offers.  Within the first month of starting college, I sat down with a few friends and we made a goal to play every single intramural sport before we graduated.  Our focus on quantity rather than quality usually led us to being the worst team in the league, since we couldn’t be bothered to practice a particular sport for more than two months.  It’s been an enjoyable journey though, and I’ve discovered along the way that I have absolutely no interest in ever playing basketball again.

Love of intramural sports is a sentiment shared by many UAF students.  Last year, 814 students signed up to play intramural sports.  However, many students played multiple sports during different quarters, which led to 2,500 total participants in intramurals last year.

The SRC offered quidditch, volleyball, basketball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, flag football, hockey, tennis and broomball during the past year. They plan to offer all of these sports again with the exception of quidditch, which will be featured as a weekend tournament during the semester.

Broomball has always been the most popular intramural sport at UAF.  Due to the fee hike more than tripling the cost of broomball from $7 to $25 at the beginning of the spring semester last year, not enough teams signed up for the sport, and it was dropped from the league.

In my experience, broomball is just one of those topics UAF students will wax poetic about.  Something about the ungraceful falls on ice and bruised shins from being whacked over and over again with old hockey sticks lends itself to being a seriously popular sport.  Broomball is part of UAF’s quirky charm, the late night game times made it accessible to almost everyone and the sport is just so bizarre that it doesn’t feel off-limits to anyone.

Broomball’s absence last spring was a a pretty big blow to students.  ASUAF vice president Dillon Ball and senators Andy Chamberlain and Micky Zakurdaew have made it their personal goal to bring broomball back with their proposed plan to pick up half the tab.  If students pay for and play one quarter of broomball at the $25 fee, ASUAF will pay for their second quarter.  The legislation for the proposal was sent to ASUAF’s student affairs committee.  If the legislation passes,  ASUAF will set aside up to $4,000 to fund broomball.

The SRC is taking a different approach.  According to Kaydee Miller, the Wellness Coordinator at the SRC, they will be putting in an outdoor rink as soon as the weather permits and broomball will return with the beloved $7 fee.

“I would love to see this sport rally and the participants return,” Miller said.

Whether broomball fanatics will want to play outdoors this winter is something everyone will have to wait to find out. Finding a solution to the broomball problem seems to be a priority for a lot of people at the moment.  Hold out hope just a little longer, broomball fans.

In the meantime, broomball’s off-ice cousin, soccer, has become the most popular intramural sport on campus.  The deadline to put teams together for all intramural sports is September 14, and if anyone is wondering, I haven’t played flag football yet.

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