Emergency repairs to close Moore Hall

Jeremia Schrock/Sun Star Reporter
June 27, 2011


Moore Hall and parts of Hess Recreation Center, located at the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus, will be closed for emergency repairs come July. The concrete parapet, which surrounds the top of Moore, is beginning to break apart due to stress from the roof. This past week, falling debris from the parapet, fell onto a parked vehicle.

The current parapet was installed incorrectly, said Marmian Grimes, UAF’s Senior Public Information Officer. During a building’s lifetime, it will move and flex due to changes in ground structure and climate. While movement is expected, the parapet’s faulty installation meant that extra stress was placed on it, which resulted in cracking.

Parapets are generally added to structures to prevent the spread of fires.

UAF Design and Construction, a department within Facilities Services, will remove and replace the parapet. Work is expected to take five weeks, “but with projects [on] an older building like this, you never know,” said Grimes. The work is not expected to affect the structural integrity of the building.

Grimes also added that the building’s age helped accelerate the parapets deterioration. Moore Hall was first opened in 1966. During the summer, Moore is used as a hotel for tourists and summer employees. Once guests have checked out, or have been relocated, construction will begin.

The project will cost $800,000 and will use discretionary funds leftover from the Skarland Hall Bathroom renovation.

In addition to Moore and Hess Recreation, the front parking lot and lower part of Kuskokwim Way will also be closed. Design and Construction is still unsure if the issues with the parapet are related to several windows that cracked in January.

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