Eric Hovind speaks about creationism and science

Eric HovinBy Anessia Hubler

Sun Star Reporter

Eric Hovind, president of Creation Today, an evangelical organization based out of Florida, lectured on creationism and evolution Oct. 21 in the UAF Wood Center.

On the issue of our decisions about what’s right and wrong not being chemical reactions in our brain but instead what was placed there by God, a man in the audience tried to tell him he was wrong. For each reason the man from the audience gave, Hovind would ask, “why?”

Eventually the man said, “Now you’re acting like a three-year-old,” to which Hovind replied, “So you can’t prove your point to a three-year-old?”

Hovind pushed the conversation further and tried to prove his point of why a chemical reaction could not be what makes our decisions of right and wrong for us, and was instead placed there by God. Hovind picked up a nearby soda bottle and shaking it said, “ By shaking this I cause a chemical reaction to make the soda fizz. Now, this fizz can’t decide what is right and what is wrong can it? Just like chemical reactions in your brain can’t, so God must have placed them there.”

Hovind started speaking out because of his father. “He was a high school science teacher who came to realize that the kids in the school were being taught the idea of evolution as if it was a fact and not a theory, and this concerned him enough to begin lecturing on Creation and Evolution and I followed in his footsteps.”

“ I have known of Eric’s work and his organization for a long time, he’s kinda a role model to me and I really wanted to come see him,” junior economics student Randy Armstrong said.

“Schools are not supposed to teach religion, but they do. They teach the religion of evolution, pick up any textbook and you will see it,” Hovind said as he clicked through his slideshow to a picture of the Grand Canyon.

“In textbooks, they teach that the Grand Canyon was made over many many years from a river eroding away at the Earth’s surface. But tell me this, how does a river flow uphill?” After saying this, Hovind flipped to a map of the Grand Canyon showing the river at the end of the Grand Canyon was at the bottom of a hill where the river started and pooled.

“I believe it was, I know it was, created by the great flood that the Bible describes and if this is not proof enough think about it, when water erodes away the ground it leaves smooth rock behind. The Grand Canyon has none except at the very bottom.”

If you want to hear more on the subject of Creation vs. Evolution from Hovind, you can go to his organization’s website . The website teaches creationism through bible-based education with blogs, videos, courses and articles. In 2012 they had two million website hits and they currently have almost 11,000 likes on their Facebook page.

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