Evenings of silent fun

Fernanda Chamorro/Sun Star Reporter
December 4, 2012

American Sign Language class professors, Dan LeBross and the ASL Club at the University of Alaska Fairbanks have brought the student and Deaf communities together. People do not often think of sign language as an option for a language class, but it is. I think It is important that we are aware of the Deaf on campus and to recognize that they enjoy the same activities we do. They even enjoy music because they can feel the vibrations. Many events are held on and off campus for the Deaf and they enjoy the connections they get to make with people. There was a “silent outing” on Nov. 14, where my classmates and I had dinner with the Deaf and spent the evening signing and laughing with each other. There was a Deaf Bowling Night at the UAF Wood Center on Saturday, Dec. 1. People usually think that signals are the most import part in ASL, but facial expressions and body language come first. Meeting and greeting the Deaf and ASL-using community can be so much fun.




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