Fairbanks Asylum terrorizes all ages this October

By Zayn Roohi

A headless doll hangs from ropes in a creepy bedroom. – John Moore / Sun Star

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Every year for the month of October, Fairbanks Asylum opens its doors to scare all the residents of Fairbanks.

“I ran and hid my face in my friends neck on my first time through,” high school student Cassie Bell said.

Fairbanks Asylum opened in Oct. 2011, and it is th e only haunted house in Fairbanks. The next closest haunted house in the state is in Wasilla, a six-hour drive away.

“That’s like a haunted house in Indiana being worried about a haunted house in Chicago,” co-owner Rob Fisher said.

Fisher owns the haunted house with his wife, Debbie Fisher. He said that the idea for the haunted house arose when they were waiting in line for four hours at a haunted house that was an hour outside of Fairbanks. That haunted house has since closed down.

“Rob was really upset [about the wait] because he was a really big haunted house fanatic,” Debbie Fisher said.

An entire room is dedicated to dolls in the Fairbanks Asylum haunted house. – John Moore / Sun Star

The first year they had the haunted house, Debbie Fisher said that they made several mistakes, most notably letting the light bleed through the different locations in the haunted house. They ended up staying up all night before opening day to fix that.

Every year, they try to change at least 30 percent of the things inside, according to Rob Fisher. The general public can suggest things, but usually he gets his ideas from other haunted houses.

When asked, Rob Fisher said his favorite scare was the finale. His wife disagreed, as she thought the doll room was the best.

“It doesn’t really scare me—it just weirds me out… They’re always doing different things in there,” Debbie Fisher said.

Tickets cost $14, or $12 for UAF students. Fairbanks Asylum will be open until the end of October.

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