Fairbanks Ski Patrol hosts fundraiser at UAF

Zack Sherman / Sun Star

The Fairbanks Ski Patrol showed “Chasing Shadows,” a Warren Miller ski film, at UAF’s Schaible Auditorium twice each on Friday and Saturday night to raise money for the organization, which is responsible for emergency response at Ski Land resort north of

Student watch the movie Ski Patrol on Nov. 6. - Zack Sherman / Sun Star

Attendees watch the movie Ski Patrol on Nov. 6. – Zack Sherman / Sun Star

Fairbanks. The event was sponsored by many local businesses, who provided raffle prizes.  The relationship with Fairbanks Ski Patrol, Warren Miller Films and UAF has been a long one, with annual screenings taking place for more than 30 years.

“Chasing Shadows,” the sixty-sixth film from Warren Miller, is made up of many smaller video segments that take place all over the world.  The film is shot in Alaska, Japan, Utah, France, Nepal, Chili and other locations.  It catalogs many famous skiers, snowboarders and other winter sports athletes in a large cinematic format that separates it from extreme sports YouTube videos and keeps the Warren Miller Films feeling relevant.

With a little more than 50 attendees at the initial Friday showing, the event was well on its way to the 300 to 400 hundred total attendees expected. The tickets sold for $10 for children, students, military and seniors and $15 for adults. The event is one of two put on each year by the Fairbanks Ski Patrol.

The event is of critical importance to the Fairbanks Ski Patrol and is responsible for more than half of the budget, according to Tim Viavant, director of the Fairbanks Ski-Patrol. The $1,200 to $2,000 that will be raised goes mostly toward training for the approximately 30 members of the local group.

“Every year all patrollers have to take an annual refresher of the outdoor emergency care course,” Viavant said. The event will also help to cover the cost CPR training and the procurement of specialized medical equipment for the patrol.

“It’s EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) more or less, but we call it outdoor emergency care,” said Peter Matheis, assistant division director for Alaska Ski Patrol.

The Fairbanks Ski Patrol will be holding their second annual fund raiser, a ski swap and sale, on weekend of Nov. 13 and 14 at the Pioneer Park Civic Center.

DJ Larson, Ski Land’s new general manager, also announced at the showing that the “early bird pricing” for season passes to Ski Land would be continued for entire season, $250 for youth (7-17), $350 for students and $450 for adults.

While the local showing is to generate funds for the Fairbanks Ski Patrol, Warren Miller is also donating a portion of the proceeds from all showings of “Chasing Shadows” to earthquake relief funds supporting Nepal. A portion of the film was shot in Nepal, so the money spent locally helps more than those who recreate at Ski Land.


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