Feb. 28 ‘Nook on the Street

Max Erickson / Sun Star

Title IX has completed their investigation of the September sexual assault case 2 months ago, but the Dean of Students has yet to take disciplinary action. The UAF administration may not announce when the case is closed or if actions are taken. This week we asked students: Do you think disciplinary action in these cases should be public knowledge?

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"To a degree it should be public knowledge because a lot of people don’t have faith in the University and if people know they are taking action maybe they don’t have to smear names all over it. I think it would restore faith in the University a little bit, since they are historically so un-thorough and generally don’t take measures for stuff like that. “ -Stefan Johnson, secondary education and history, sophomore Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“I think that people need to be aware of punishments that are being issued so that it doesn’t happen again. If people don’t know that these acts are punishable, people will be more likely to commit them.” -Sydney Reese, english, junior Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“I feel like it is the choice of the people on the matter. Like when I have a problem I don’t necessarily want to blurt it out to the public. If it's to help the privacy of the person, then they are doing a good job of doing that. Because you don’t necessarily want to show that to the public. If the public wants that information they should publicize it, but the people involved should be the final judge." -Adrian Antonio, computer engineering, freshman Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“I think that that’s perfectly fine as long as the victim doesn’t have any issues with it for any reason.” -Benson Hoover, petroleum engineering, sophmore Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“I would say if the person is okay with having it be public knowledge, 'cause I feel like if you had something happen to you, you might not want it public. But if they were okay with it I don’t see why it wouldn’t be.” -Andrew Adler, mechanical engineering, sophomore Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“No I don’t think that’s necessary. I mean, yes they deserve punishment, but why do I need to know about that?” -Kaylee Stickel, biology, sophomore Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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