Fire incinerates campus car

The first on-campus car fire of the winter ignited in the parking lot in front of the dorms on Sunday, Oct. 23. Remember to plug in your car at 20 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Per the safety email Residence Life sent out to all UAF students and faculty on Oct. 21, “Plugging in helps your car start, warm up faster, and reduces strain on cold engine parts. It also reduces the bad emissions that contribute to our poor winter air quality.”

Be sure you use a single plug for your car and do not share plugs with multiple cars at one time. “When you plug in your car or any items in/outdoors, you cannot connect more than one extension cord to your item. Multiple extension cords connected together are called daisy chaining and this is a fire hazard. Please ensure you have the proper extension cord for indoor or outdoor use and the proper gage of wiring for the distance the extension cord is traveling. If you have any questions, please call us at 907-474-7247.”

Mark Melham - CarFire01.jpg

The inside of the newly purchased vehicle melted and was still dripping late Sunday afternoon, Oct. 23rd despite outdoor temperatures of 19 degrees Fahrenheit. Mark Melham / Sunstar


Mark Melham - CarFire02.jpg

The first campus car fire of the Winter left this Jeep Patriot destroyed Sunday, Oct. 23rd. Adjacent cars received substantial burn damage from the heat. Mark Melham/Sun Star


Mark Melham - CarFire03.jpg

The fire incinerated the interior of the Jeep beyond hope of salvage. The car outside the passenger window had its bumper and mirror melted. Mark Melham / Sun Star


Mark Melham - CarFire04.jpg

It appears that part of the winterization components shorted out and lay burning, several feet from the rest of the car. Mark Melham/Sun Star


Mark Melham - CarFire05.jpg

Though the fire occurred in the front of the SUV, the temporary plate on the rear windshield was still scorched. Mark Melham/Sun Star


Mark Melham - CarFire06.jpg

The heat from the burning Jeep melted the bumper of this nearby car. Mark Melham/Sun Star


Mark Melham - CarFire07.jpg

Materials from the car were thrown out with the flames. By Sunday afternoon, they lay on the ice coated road. Mark Melham/Sun Star


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