Floating Room’s “Sunless” and “I’m Fine” by Becca Cadalzo (Cerce) Music Album Reviews


floating room – s u n l e s s

I feel like I am supposed to really emotional in detailing this album. And if I weren’t, there would be fans who would want to punch me in the face for not feeling the same emotion as them.

It’s hard for me to explain what I feel when I’m listening to this album. I’m not a very nostalgic person, so that this album makes me feel like I’m 17, doesn’t exactly mean it resonates with me in the now.

Nevertheless, I think this album is very decent. There is a lot of accessibility for having elements that are at times esoteric. Such as the lofi-feedback and rainbow pitching of “Warm Death.” That track is followed by “Fun,” a Paramore-esque ear worm.

“Sunless” has awesome melodies, tone and hybridity, but whereas when an album lacks in these areas, their lyrics, experimentalism or personality is accentuated, these areas feel missing.

“Driving” makes me feel like I’m at a Wednesday night, youth worship, where the musicians pay close attention to their gear, presence and atmosphere. And while the atmosphere they evoke often enraptures the audience to sing-along with their hands up and tears rolling down their cheek, I feel like their is something missing.

And that could be anything, it could just be me not feeling what they are feeling. I just don’t get it and while I’m okay with accepting that it is just a personal problem, I have my own doubts about the authenticity about the emotion.

Even if the emotion was felt at the time of writing and is still felt when performing, sometimes music that is practiced heavily and performed thoroughly sounds unreal on recording.

This may be the desired goal for some. I just find it to be bland at that point personally.

Fav tracks: “Netsuki”, “Fun”, “Sick Day”

If you feel any solidarity from this album, please do not let my opinion take away from that. I hope that those who lack that can find that in this review. And eventually, possibly that divide can be bridged.

im fine.jpg

Becca Cadalzo – I’m Fine

This is the solo project of Becca Cadalzo, the vocalist of the now defunct punk band from 2011-2013 called Cerce. A sudden unexplained breakup/hiatus/??? in 2013 led to a new band called Lovechild that Cadalzo was not a part of. She posted “Not as solid as lovechild, but I released this yesterday. -Becca” last November on Cerce’s Facebook. This past Valentines Day, Cerce released their discography and cassettes with 100 percent of the proceeds donated to Planned Parenthood.

“The A-Word” is about abortion, and the social stigmas of avoiding saying that word in public. I get a slight GTOFY vibe from this song.

“Cheater, Cheater” is about how if her boyfriend cheats on her again, she’ll kill him. Her vocals are very poppy and the electronic music in the background is icy.

“Just For Me” is a personal track, as in its written for her. She is sick to death of how men have abused her, and is rightfully taking control of herself. There is a somber piano chord pattern in the verse and a funky dubstep drop in the chorus.

“Making a Monster” is about how Cadalzo never gave consent to one of her friends that “touched” her while she was sleeping. She didn’t tell anyone, but he twisted the truth to cover himself to their friends.

“Abusive Habits” is about her self abuse. At the end of the song she takes responsibility for all she has done. The production reminds of J-Pop or Meishi Smile’s “Honey” in particular.

Overall, this is a really impressive debut effort. The artwork by Jenna Yenik is awesome. The finished recording came out really lush.

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