Folk and blues saturate the Pub

Theresa Watt and Miriah Phelps harmonizing on cello and fiddle.

Theresa Watt and Miriah Phelps harmonizing on cello and fiddle.

Kaz Alvarez / Sun Star Reporter

April 29, 2014

Super Saturated Sugar Strings serenaded the Pub Saturday night with rhythm, folk and blues after joining other Alaska bands Thursday evening for an all-ages event on the Wood Center Patio.

If the members of Super Saturated Sugar Strings had been behind a curtain, you might think there were twenty people in the group.

The group formed three years ago shortly after meeting at a blue grass festival near Anchorage. Carlyle Watt provides the guitar, banjo, vocals and bass drum. Theresa Watt mans the cello, the omnichord and adds in vocals. Miriah Phelps plays the fiddle and provides vocals. Kat Moore provides vocals, plays the keyboard and various percussion instruments.

“We saw them in action and knew we had to play together,” Carlisle said.

Saturated Sugar Strings provides an upbeat, rhythmic sound that translates into folk, blues, rock and even rap. The group started with some folk to get everyone moving. Moore took over the vocals halfway through the first set to bring some extra soul into the Pub.

Carlyle Watt and Moore share equally the task of writing the group’s music. His inspiration comes from nature and his wife, Theresa.

“I fall in love with people and the idea of them,” Kat said. “Then I write a song about them!”

The group ended their second set with a tribute to Pub Manager Donald Crocker in honor of his recent birthday. Afterwards, the Pub patrons succeeded in persuading them to provide multiple encores.

This was not the group’s first time playing in Fairbanks, but it was their first experience playing for a campus. The group came up for a recording session at the Round House for their second CD “Heart Shaped Leaves,” which is expected to be released late summer.

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