Free throws win game for blue in double overtime

By Rebecca Coleman
Sun Star Reporter

Jessica Harrison #11 takes a shot against the gold team in the blue/gold exhibition game. Saturday November 6, 2010. April Massey/Sunstar

The women’s basketball team made their schoolyear debut Saturday, Nov. 6, for their Blue vs. Gold game.

“We’re ready to get out in public,” said Cody Burgess, women’s basketball head coach. For their exhibition game, Burgess tried to make the teams even, comprising of “kids that will be playing together [during the season] to see if it’ll be a good mesh,” she said.

Both teams consisted of a mix of return students and new players, from freshmen to seniors.  Two players Burgess is expecting to do well this season are seniors Jessica Harrison and Nicole Bozek.  Harrison led the blue team with a total of 20 points, and Bozek led the gold team with 22.

The game that would go into double overtime started out with the blue team winning the tip off, but the first points of the game went to sophomore Britney Anderson of the gold team.  After that, the blue team led for most of the half.  They were ahead by eight points going into the second half.

In the second half, the gold team found their energy and pounded back, taking the lead.  It was a tight 20 minutes, both teams playing solidly and making their shots.

Free throws would ultimately determine the outcome of the game.  At the end of the second half, freshman Ciara Patton brought the score to a tie by making a set of free throws for the blue team.  At the end of the first overtime, the blue team would again tie the score with a set of free throws.  At the end of double overtime, Harrison made a set of free throws, winning the game 74-72 for the blue team.

“We need to communicate with each other better,” said sophomore Adrienne Beans of the gold team.  “Talking on defense was our main issue.”

Burgess anticipates “meshing” to be a struggle for a while, since half of the new members of the team are transfers and upperclassmen, not just freshmen.  However, she isn’t worried.  “They all have the same goal,” she said.

“We just need to get more comfortable with each other,” said senior Jessie Craig, coach of the gold team.  “We’re going to have a great season.”

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