From the archives, Dec. 6, 1974: Maybe this time

Polar Star Editorial: Dec, 6 1874

It is customary for the new editors of a newspaper to write an editorial stating new policies of the paper.

We are the third set of editors this semester and we’ve, unexpectedly, been put in charge of the remaining two issues. We have not had an opportunity to organize and coordinate the staff at the paper and we cannot claim credit for these last two issues, only the responsibility.

It is our intention to be around for the next semester and establish an excellent staff and improve the weekly rag into a newspaper that is read.

We realize this paper has been less than the best and our readership could only decrease if the one person who does read the paper finally graduates. The Polar Farce has been used to start fires and line cat boxes in the past. And we’ve heard that even the cat was offended.

We are here to improve this situation. There is a possibility that from now on we won’t insult the cat’s intelligence.

We make no promise as to the quality of our product or it’s intellectual value. But we will try to build up interest in the Polar Star, even if that only means looking at the pictures.

If you don’t like our style, the paper will still make a good kite for you to fly.

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