From the Archives, Jan. 28, 1983: ‘Fitness Fest stresses physical, mental health’

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Wendy Turner / Sun Star

Does your body cry out with pain as you crawl out of bed each morning? Does your day involve stress and anxiety? Can you pinch more than an inch? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, the February Fitness Fest may be what you need.

Many campus organizations and concerned individuals have joined to organize the event. The program is geared toward all student, faculty, and staff, and will involve a month of informative clinics, lectures,workshops and evaluations. Jim Cole, spokesman for the fest committee, said the program’s main objective is to de-emphasize competition, and focus on each individual’s physical, mental and nutritional needs.

The program will begin on Jan. 31 with Health Style and Appraisal Days. An information booth will be set up in Wood Center on Monday and Tuesday to answer questions, or to direct individuals to a particular activity or lecture that may be of interest. The first week will consist of self-tests which will measure stress, blood pressure, body fat and weight. This will help each person form a goal to work toward. The next three weeks will continue with organized running, swimming and stair climbing. The last week, Feb. 28 – March 14 will concentrate on lectures concerning relaxation and stress management, the mental part of training and psychological aspect of exercise.

“Instead of passively sitting back and ignoring the evident problems of this campus’ population, we want to take an active stand this year and help,” said Cole.

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