From the archives, Nov. 2, 1984: ‘ASUA Saves Money’

ASUA bought 100 round-trip plane tickets to Anchorage for $8600 this year. “I thought it was a good opportunity to save money within ASUA and to possibly provide students with discount travel packages,” ASUA President Jim Roth said.

ASUA will use the tickets when it goes to Anchorage for the Board of Regents’ meetings. Distribution of the tickets to students has not been decided yet. but one possibility is a discount Alyeska ski weekend package for students, Roth said.

Darin Hargraves, Legislative Coordinator for ASUA. said generally the idea of the purchase was good, but purchase of that many tickets leaves room for misuse. As long as Roth has a purpose, such as an Alyeska ski trip that is made available to students,it is good, Hargraves said.

ASUA will not be bringing a travel agency to the campus this year. Both said that locating a travel agency on campus would upset the community. Currently, the ASUA Travel Department helps students with information on travel, overseas employment and university exchange programs.

According to Roth, his administration will bring the idea for a student garage before the ASUA Senate for its input and review before the end of the semester. The garage. which is in the planning process. will be a place where students can work on their cars inside with a car wash on the end. Roth said that the funding for the garage is still in question. Avenues for funding include using activity fees. donations, the Alaska State Legislature or the University of Alaska administration.

There are also uncertainties with the garage. Whether the students want it and if the project will pay for its operations and maintenance, said Roth.

A 1985 Denali Yearbook will not be published this year by ASUA according to the President. “Nobody wants it,” says Jim Roth.

Last year about 150 people bought a yearbook, Roth said. With a publication coat of about $20,000 and sales totaling approximately $2250, Roth feels that the money can be put to better use elsewhere.

Those who bought a 1984 Denali will not receive their yearbook until some time around December. The production stuff of the 1984 Denali quit and production was taken over by John Terry, KSUA Program Director.

Terry said that he felt that apathy was one of the reasons the production staff resigned.

This is not the first time that a yearbook was not published. From 1971 to 1981 the university did not have a yearbook. [sic] THe [sic] yearbook that was published in 1981 covered the activities through the past decade.

One alternative that came up under last year’s ASUA administration was a video yearbook. Roth said that the possibility of a video yearbook was looked into this year but the feasibility was not determined.

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