From the Archives, Nov. 8, 1974: ‘One half registered to vote’

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Approximately half the voters registered on the UA campus braved near zero temperatures Tuesday to cast ballots in the Wood Center polling booth according to figures provided by university relations.

627 of the 1398 voter registered on campus made it to the polls and with a few exceptions followed voting trends in other precincts in the Fairbanks area. The computer tally did not include absentee and question ballots.

Figures show that out of 24,077 registered voters in the Fairbanks area, 11,533 went to polls.

In the race for governor and lieutenant governor the Republican team of Jay Hammond and Lowell Thomas Jr. led Democratic incumbents Bill Egan and H.A. “Red” Boucher by a comfortable margin on campus. Egan-Boucher lagged with 161 votes to 423 for Hammond-Thomas. Alaskan Independents Joe Vogler and Wayne Peppler gained 13 votes on campus.

Incumbent Democrat U.S. Senator Mike Gravel led conservative Republican challenger State Senator C.R. Lewis by a vote of 424 to 154 with 24 write-ins.

Congressman Don Young, while he won state-wide, trailed State Senator Willie Hensley by 273 to 368 on campus.

State senate veteran Republican John Butrovich polled 345 followed by Republican Rep. Selwyn Carrol with 344. Carrol had hoped to move from the House to the Senate this election but ws beaten by Democratic Rep. John Huber. Huber, who won the second state senate seat for this area, gained 281 votes.

UA voters followed Fairbnks trends with to exceptions in electing a strong Democrat group to the six seats from this area to the State House. Republican Sam Barnes and Democrat Tim Wallis won more votes than Democrat Ed Orbeck, but Orbeck was placed ahead of the two in final tally. The votes for the 6 winners of State House seats: Mike Bradner 437, Steve Cowper 401, Charles Parr 364, Fred Brown 278, Glenn Mackney 244 and Ed Orbeck 208.

UA voters elected to retain all judges on the ballot. District Judge Mary Alice Miller held a slim margin, 266 yes to 242 no, while District Judges Nigh Connelly and Nora Guinn held the widest margins.

UA voters passed all ten bond issues with wide margins. The $39.5 million unversity bond passed 391 to 224 on campus by 6388 to 4574 in the Fairbanks area.

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