From the archives, Oct. 28, 1946: ‘School papers in general’

The unanimous decision of ASUA members on Wednesday Oct 24th to support a weekly student paper should validate the presence of this one on the campus. The [sic] initail [sic] success of the paper depends a great deal on; its writers and the people put it “to bed”. Therefore we appreciate all your criticisms. Drop them in the box in the Cub.

The rather limited circulation and the specialized interest of the readers of a school newspaper put that paper in a special position because to a great extent it has to print what its readers want to read. Generally speaking the reading of a school paper is an all or non proposition. On a regular newspaper either the students ;read all of it or they throw it away after the first paragraph, as being trash or too dry. Keep in mind, however, the metropolitan newspaper is quite the opposite. Few of its readers read all of the paper, but all of its readers read some of it. You can prove these two ideas to yourself the next time you read a metropolitan and a school paper. What all this [sic] ad is up to [sic] is that the continued; success of this paper depends a great deal on its readers ability to let the staff of the paper know what it wants of them.

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