UAF students bring real creativity to fake reality show

Fernanda Chamorro/Sun Star Reporter
April 24, 2012

(L-R) Cast member Jeremy Cannone (Luke Cannone) and director Aaron Gordon laugh after a scene in the reality "Game Show" where Cannone had to laughed and cried simultaneously on Saturday April 14, 2012. Fernanda Chamorro/Sun Star

I press the button on the soda machine in the Tilly and I can feel everyone’s eyes on me. It does not come as a surprise, as I am wearing a huge colorful bow, hoop earrings bigger than bracelets, long nails, a nose ring, high heels and tattoos.

I had just left the second shoot of the reality TV program “Game Show” and was still dressed as my role, Gege.

UAF’s film club created the show and it will air on the dorm’s closed-circuit station, KSUA TV. Aaron Gordon, the director, writer and host, hopes that it will air this fall, he said.

I had never planned on auditioning for a part. Kalesha Pearson, the producer, persuaded me to try out while I was recording the auditions for a journalism class. I was provided with a list of characteristics and I had to pick five or make up my own to create my character. I created Georgina “Gege” Roberts, a ghetto girl with a Spanish punch. The “sound guy” from the crew, David Riffey, knew me from class and began laughing, not expecting what I was about to act out.

“You were really creative,” Riffey said.

In “Game Show,” we play reality characters who compete for $100,000. There are many surprises around every corner and while the games are pre-chosen by the host, participants are not told about the games and are free to react candidly. There are relationships, fights, tears and laughs.

Charles Fulbright recognized me from our ethics class. As the character Charlie Murph, he has a big crush on Gege.

Gege is a 20-year-old woman with attitude and five kids. She came from Fayetteville, N.C. She is on the show to make money, not friends, and she dropped out of high school, but believes she has a good head on her shoulders. She signed up because she currently works at McDonald’s and is looking to get money that can pay for “green”, a vacation, and her clothes and nails. Despite growing up in the “’hood,” she thinks she has “swag” that everyone will want to follow.

“I thought she was a woman who was into fashion and was something like a ride-or-die chick,” Charlie Murph said. “Even good things can go bad but Gege seems to keep it all good,” he said with a wink.

The characters on Gege’s red team include Candy Sweet (Kalesha Pearson), Toby Tyler (Seijiro Heck) and Dave (Michael Schurz). Candy is a very lustful airhead. She is a rich and stupid girl who works as a hooker. She constantly mentions dirty jokes or phrases and cannot seem to keep her mind out the gutter.

Toby is considered the leader of the red team. He is a bipolar guy who sticks up for his teammates. He is supportive and keeps them focused on winning, but no one should get in his way when he has a mood swing.

Dave is a random, hyper guy who considers himself a champion. He can be very creative and weird, often doing the unexpected, like dancing. He has an unusual attachment to a shirt named Birtha and never abandons her.

Bonnie, Charlie Murph, Luke Cannone (Jeremy Cannone), Joe Johnson (Derwin Teague) and Kyle Ballam (himself) are on the opposing blue team.

Bonnie (Yelena Petkova) starts off on the blue team. She is a sweet, bubbly, and ditzy girl. She has a crush on the host and enjoys living in the moment.

Charlie Murph is a good but cocky guy. He keeps a smile on and is very interested in Gege. Too bad she is not interested in him, or so it appears. He constantly mentions her in his interviews and though she is aware of his feelings, she pays him no mind. Luke is an ex-marine whose past can sometimes get in the way of his actions. He has difficulty dealing with the loss of his father and tends to be rather emotional.

Joe is a quiet yet brutally honest man. He realizes he is “surrounded by idiots” and does not hide his comments during interviews. He does hide his smile though as he never looks happy, but instead maintains a serious face.

Kyle keeps to himself. He is a laid back kid from North Pole who shows up to the show when he feels like it.

All of the participants are just players in a game that they want to win. Anything can happen and anything goes, because as Gege would put it, “I got five moufs to feed.”


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