Getting down at Dance Church: KSUA hosts beach-themed party in Pub

John Seiler/Sun Star Reporter
February 5, 2013

Pub goers gathered last Wednesday night in celebration of drinks, friends and most importantly, dance.

Presented as a collaboration between by The Pub and KSUA, Dance Church is a monthly dance hosted by The Pub that has special songs and videos centered on a theme. With the horribly cold weather, KSUA decided on a beach theme and handed out leis to the dancers.

Pub Manager Heather Kraemer discovered the idea of Dance Church from a conversation with a friend who went to different workshops in California. At this place they would have special Dance Churches where the organizers would play music for an hour and people would dance. “It’s not supposed to be something that is like over the top, it’s just a couple hours where people that enjoy dancing to come and dance,” Kraemer said.

“Dance Church is different than other dances on campus because it focuses on a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can leave their inhibitions at home and just have fun dancing,” said Brady Gross, KSUA’s Music Director, in comparing Dance church to other dances on campus. “More focused on just great classic dance tracks and sweet moves.”

UAF student Yuzhun Evanoff enjoyed the atmosphere of The Pub during Dance Church. “I like that it’s not club music, just happy dance music.”

UAF Alumi Nick Hautman also enjoyed Dance Church because “you can usually find good company.”

As a once a month event, the next Dance Church is being planned for the end of February with the tentative theme revolving around dance movie soundtracks.


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