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GFOTY – Call Him A Doctor (pc-r7)

Girlfriend Of The Year is saving pop punk with this slam dunk of an album. This is what Omar Rodriguez Lopez has been attempting to create all along. It is more metal than you, and it is crunker than Mountain Dew.

“Snakes and Ladders” is not meant to sung along to. I suggest playing bag pipe to it if you catch my drift. Excuse while i lose my mind to “The Argument.” I’m gonna beat Kanye to sampling this one.

After looping and chopping that up, I’m listening to “Wood U.” Its pretty sounding. The lyrics are resonating with me and I’m getting emotional. GFOTY sings, “But dying alone could be hard, Especially if you have a dog.” Damn.

This might be AOTY if this keeps up. “You Don’t” makes me feel something I haven’t felt since Dream Street’s “They Don’t Understand.”

The title track is solid. The curse beep in the verse was not beeping anything out. There are plenty of f-bombs that sound almost out of place during the chorus. The record scratch was almost an “All Star” throwback. This is like 18+ meets Sleigh Bells.

Yeah, this is definitely going on the that year end list that no one is going to read. “Heaven” is insanely beautiful. Its almost too perfect but the glitched interruptions are what make it truly perfect.

genre: PC Music

vanishing act.jpg

The Magic Valley Tarot Society – Vanishing Act

Opens with an inoffensive ambient house track titled “Phase.” Segues into “Transport” with an identical kick and a textured pad rises. Hi-hats are placed on the offbeat and snares hit on 2 and 4. Open hi hats layer on the closed ones, and sub bass kicks layer on the simple ones. The pad and sub bass fade out and back in again. Everything peak saturates and fades out until only the kick and hat remain. Then the kick does double time on solo for a good 28 seconds.

The gritty synth that starts up “Rendered” has a punk cutoff. It fits between the drums as a lofi rave synth orbits its notes. Cymbals pound and jingle bells start going off. A modulated chord stutters in LFO and everything comes together like the dawn of new day.

These tracks (the synths especially) get better as they progress. The synth in “Dawning” is a lot like the one in War’s (Vår) “Brodermordet,” but a lot faster of course. The snares are wet and whip between cooking pan sounding cymbals.


and eye – withchips

“00-” is just a gameboy color start up sound. “snack lake” is 8-bit chiptune footwork. It starts off great but gets rather dissonant halfway in and doesn’t really recover until the toms come in (which is the same time the dissonant melody disappears). “w w w walk” is nice and positive until an alarm tone rings out for a good 10 seconds. The toms swim about and then the lead switches into a fishy slide melody. It alternates and then rings out for a good 11 seconds.

“broccoli cheddar bake” is delicious. The song is really good. It has a really cool break snare pattern and a funky glitched wind chime melody going on over top. “;;;;;;;;;” is like Excitebike with a granulizer. “for lunch and dinner”, not much to say about this one besides that it’s very repetitive. It has a funky rhythm which is a plus, but at 00:41 seconds it’s not really worth spending a lot of time putting into words. “make me” on the other hand is kind of long, its second longest on the album tied with “snack lake.” That being said, it’s not nearly as much fun as “snack lake”. It’s not bad though, the hi hat roll is really cool to hear in 8-bit.

“ready an” is off-kilter as the name might imply. It has a high bpm but the melody sounds like it’s trying to go slower against the tempo grain. “make your way out” doesn’t do this. Its fast paced and clearly since the melody is also fast, and there is an abrupt velcro glissando that separates the different song sections. Out of nowhere some 808 snares appear and then get spaced out. “8+13” equals 21. The age of disappointment. This song sounds like constantly falling down a waterfall or being in suspended animation. “b0p in the face” is great. It’s like playing Bop-it but with your face. I’m starting to feel like the person who did the drums may not have been the same person that composed the other parts. It is a little ridiculous to assume, but they just are sounding very opposite here. If that was intentional then disregard.

“nerd” is tiiight. It sounds like an 8-bit version of a song I really like but doesn’t exist. I might have to make it on some non-8 bit instruments. Just kidding, I like 8-bit, but this one sounds like it would benefit from not being 8-bit. There’s a lot going on but it sounds watered down… until the halfway point. Okay, I was wrong. I was right at first, but not at second. It’s chill everyone. *the only person reading this suddenly realizes that no one else is reading this* “mkmkmk” is about everything being just ok. I got that from the dog bark.

I lied. I never heard the dog bark. And if I did, I don’t understand dog language so I wouldn’t matter. If this album were a game it would be game over for me. 97997 ALMONDS puts out great, unusual electronic music and it’s almost always free. So, if you like truly experimental electronic music. There’s most likely sometime in their catalog for you. I’m pretty sure 97997 ALMONDS used to be Nekophiliac. 997997 ALMONDS also has a collaboration album with Yeongrak that I highly recommend. Its called “whats up absorption & 9999999.”

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