Gold beats blue in opening cross country meet

The Nanook Cross Country team ran their first Blue and Gold meet Friday night, with Gold taking first.

This is the first year the Nanooks didn’t open their season with the Alaska invitational, a meet where UAF generally competes against two other schools. Instead, they choose to host a Blue and Gold meet, wherein the UAF team competes against themselves.

Unlike Blue and Gold meets held by other UAF teams, Cross Country allowed the public to race with them.

Junior Alexander Eckert finished the 5k first for the men in a time of 15:57.2, followed by freshman Lukash Platil with a time of 16:15.8.

On the women’s side, senior Dorothy O’Donnell finished first in a time of 19:20.2, followed by senior Nicole Bathe, who had a time of 19:38.4.

The first non-UAF athlete to cross was West Valley junior Ti Donaldson, who finished in sixth place overall with a time of 16:42.0, beating several of the Nanooks.

Despite claiming three top five finishes on the women’s side and two on the men’s, the Blue team lost with a score of 56 points to the Gold team’s 54 points.

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