Good Daze, fun nights at Pub

Jeremia Schrock

Sun Star Reporter

Although the Pub officially opened its doors last Wednesday, it experienced an unofficial christening the day after. Spearheaded by local bluegrass/jazz band Good Daze, Thursday’s event saw students clinking together glasses of beer instead of shattering asunder bottles of wine. Thursday’s concert also doubled as an album-release party for the band’s first-ever album “Germ of Creation.”

While the band labels their sound as “space-folk to funk by”, they played a mix of bluegrass and jazz with a definite influence of the Celtic. Front man Mason Little frequently alternated between an acoustic guitar and a banjo, but he only really hit his stride when he broke out the trumpet. Through Little’s skill, Good Daze became transformed from a Celtic jam band to the Buena Vista Social Club. The only thing separating the Pub from being mistaken for a Cuban nightclub was the lack of cigar smoke.

The band played to an almost packed house that was comprised of several notable university faces, including ASUAF President Nicole Carvajal and Concert Board President Caleb Kuntz. Throughout much of the evening, Kuntz could be either seen in front of the band snapping photos or heard shouting accolades to the band from the back of the campus’ only drinking establishment.

At several points in the evening, the otherwise unpopulated dance floor became a hotspot for interpretive dance, thanks primarily to Karlan Bachmann’s violin. Bachmann’s virtuosity with the violin was so apparent that it was easy to think of much of the band’s set as one long musical arrangement, despite the fact the group took breaks in between songs.

Wherever one looked, smiles and laughter predominated. It was impossible to discern that the day had indeed been the first day of classes, or perhaps it was in spite of that fact that everyone insisted on having such a good time.


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