Gruening vandalized

by David Spindler

Sun Star

December 3, 2015

All four sets of double doors leading into Gruening had their supporting pins removed by vandals on Oct. 20.

Around 2 a.m., there was a call from one of the locksmith staff members who called in the vandalism.

“To my knowledge, we’ve never had that happen before. I had just come back from a vacation when it happened. Our locksmith/carpenter was on stand that night and because the pins were taken off, anyone could have pushed the doors, and gotten crushed by them,” Bill Cox, the UAF Superintendent of Maintenance, said.

“The police knew about it soon afterwards but I guess they didn’t have any cameras pointed that way at the time,” said Marianne Freelong, UAF’s Customer Service Manager.

The UAF Facilities Services temporarily repaired the hinges with some spares and then ordered 48 brand new hinges from Anchorage.

“We have about 60 to 80 percent replaced but still have some on back order because door order parts are hard to come by and since they’re custom made they usually take six to eight weeks to arrive,” Cox said.

There are three hinges per door, so that means there’s a total of 12 sets of hinges for four doors. The doors into Gruening make it a convenient place to walk into on campus or through campus to the other side into the Eielson Building.

“We replaced the Eielson doors during the start of the fall semester and included a handicap wireless sensitive touch pad for handicap people,” Cox said.

The Gruening doors are fire rated, which is why the hinges are so much larger, some with more sets of three. Currently there are 12 to 14 hinges left that need to be replaced in all front double doors into Gruening and once the next order comes in around Dec. 10 or 12, UAF Facilities Services will put them in.


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