Gucci Mane // Lil Uzi Vert // Strawberry Sounds// Young Thug

Artist: Gucci Mane

Album: Everybody Looking

Listen to: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7!, 8, 12, 13, 15

Gucci has come a long way from the kitchen. Upon his prison release and massive weight loss last summer, rumors and memes spread like wildfire about a government conspiracy that replaced Gucci with a look-alike clone.

Clone or not, this sounds real Gucci (fake gucci example). The laid-back trap god is oozing sauce from track one (“No Sleep”).

There is a Drake feature on the third track explaining why “Drake” means “dragon” in Magic: the Gathering.


The flute on this is lowkey flame enough to play Song of Time.

In “Waybach” Gucci flaunts that effortless swag we’ve been missing (shouts out Zaytoven for producing the majority of the beats here).

“P**** Print” features Kanye West. Gucci floats this so well, I started to get worried for Kanye. Things went from looking dark, to stupid good. Kanye needs that “in sauna, in the bathroom, at cha mama’s…” and other places as well.

If you aren’t feeling this album by now, keep bumpin that Salem, that good good from 2010 ‘naw mean?

“First Day out the Feds” has a lit beat, but Gucci’s delivery on the track is still not doing it for me.

In “All My Children”, Gucci claims every rapper nowadays is his child, like he really is part of the trinity. Plus, he is endearing about it instead of calling them posers or lames.



Genre: Trap


Artist: Lil Uzi Vert

Album: The Perfect LUV

Another solid tape by XXL class of 2016, Lil Uzi Vert. New flows and stunning production. Mediocre lyrics, no “Money Longer” (though he references it more than once). Sample used in “Erase Your Social,” one of the better songs on the tape, was toned down from where I last heard it (“BLACKROS3S” by Cold Hart ft. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, from “GOTHICK” album). Could of done without Future on “Seven Million,” the closing track to the album.

All in all, this is really one of his best tapes yet. He sounds comfortable with himself, and he doesn’t resort to graphic sexual imagery as much as in his previous “LUV” releases. To put it in perspective for those who haven’t heard of him, this album is like what “Graduation” is for Kanye, or “Slime Season 3” is for Thugger. It feels like a completion of a trilogy. Though another LUV tape may come out, we will see.

Rec’d Tracks: 1, 2, 3, 6, 8!

Genre: Hip Hop


Artist: Strawberry Sounds

Song: Sad Spells (Demo)

This is the first song from my buddy JP’s band, Strawberry Sounds. I believe he started this rather spontaneously over Facebook with some of his local Floridians.

Anyway, he put this up on bandcamp for free not long ago with lyrics which I appreciate. If you’re a fan of Coheed and Cambria, Tigers Jaw, CHON, Hawthorne Heights, or anything that exists in the ballpark of those bands, this should be worth your while.

The sound is vocal harmonies, lofi charm, noodling guitar riffs, and bass and drum bumps. Then distorted chugs come in followed by a warm synth that serves as a nice buffer between the damaged emotions in the screamed lyrics. A contrasting vocalist foils the screamer until they trade holographics.

Genre: Emotional Hardcore


Artist: Young Thug

Album: No, My Name Is Jeffery

The fleekiest compilation of music in today’s existence.

Listen to: all, but especially 1, 2, 5!, 6, 7, 8!, and 9

All songs are named after his biggest influences. (R.I.P. Harambe)

Starts off with a offbeat guitar lick that is an ode to Haitian artist Wyclef Jean. Gunna and Thugger doing adlibs makes a perfect combo in “Floyd Mayweather.” Gucci has a short, but good verse and Travis Scott has a long weak one. Thankfully, Gunna and Thugger come back in and save the song.

“Swizz Beats” is a love song dedicated to his favorite producer. “Future Swag” is definitely a shout out to Atlanta rapper Future, you can tell as soon as you hear the flow. These two tracks are similar in that they employ Young Thug’s favorite lyrics.

“RiRi” is of course a song inspired by Rihanna. The beat turns up ever so simply and Thugger scoots into the classic reiteration.

“Guwop” in case anyone did not know, is a pseudonym of Gucci Mane. It also means money. This song is like a cross of “Wyclef Jean” and “Floyd Mayweather” in that it employs a guitar line as the main melody, but this time it’s more post-rock in that its just swells and progresses on with features. Quavo’s verse is this song is the best thing I’ve ever heard from him, I’m done hating.

The emotions unravel from here. “Harambe” is about family and violence. Young Thug sounds on the border of tears the whole track. He goes all out, and really gets his message across.

“Webbie” features Duke, and if you’ve been listening to Young Thug for awhile now, you know that when Young Thug and Duke are in the same room, magic happens. Almost every variety of vocal inflection is used here before Duke even appears. Duke really gives his appreciation to Thugger for bringing him with him on the ride to fame.

“Pop Man/Kanye West” is the most beautiful song I’ve heard this year. It has so much soul, it could be on “Lion King 3.” I am convinced. From this day forward I will never use the words young, thug or thugger to refer to Jeffery Lamar Williams.

Genre: Jeffery

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