Halloween Boogaloo Bungalow fail

Fernanda Chamorro/Guest Opinion
November 6, 2012

The Halloween Bugaloo Bungalow dance in the Hess Recreation Center Oct. 27 was full of surprises including a new rule that had been put in place restricting off-campus attendants. Anyone who did not live on campus needed a campus resident, to sign them in.

The security at last weekend’s Boogaloo Bungalow Halloween dance in the Hess Recreation Center was well covered by the Residence Life Staff and police on Oct. 27. Off-campus students had to be sponsored by on-campus students, a change from last year’s dance. Cordero Reid/Sun Star

This was my third year attending the Halloween dance and I was very disappointed. Previously, students were allowed to sign themselves in and bring anyone over 18 to the dance. However, this year, students could not enter the dance unless a resident host signed them in.

Residence Life made the decision that if a non-resident wanted to get in to the dance, a resident host would be required to sign them in, according to Brad Bishop, Residence Life First Year Experience Coordinator. Bishop said that the rule had actually existed prior to this dance, but had been removed. However, since there were problems in past dances with off-campus people, this year Res Life unanimously voted to bring back this regulation for safety reasons.

This dance is one of the big events that I look forward to at UAF, but because of the new rule I couldn’t even get in the door.

The new rule also didn’t seem to achieve the safe environment it was intended to. Hosts were allowed to sign in up to four people. I went through the line searching for someone to sign my friends and I in. At least when students could sign people in, they were bringing their friends, not strangers. This new rule made it more unsafe. Despite residents being advised not to sign in people they did not know, many of them did.

On Facebook, the event invitation stated “$10 for on campus residents (who must have a polar express card), $15 for off campus residents (who must be 18+ and have valid picture ID)” and failed to mention that you needed a resident host.

It also seemed unfair to students who had spent so much time on their Halloween costumes just to have fun at this dance. Eighteen-year-old freshman Alex Martinez was one of those students. Martinez dressed as the Street Fighter game character Ryu. Martinez was surprised to find out that a resident was needed to sign him in and thought that the $15 was too pricey for a college dance that was unorganized at best.

“It was dumb, we didn’t even go in,” Martinez said. “If I’m already paying and I already wasted a ton of gas going to the dance, I shouldn’t have to ask somebody who lives there.”

“I thought it was a huge letdown,” said 23-year-old off-campus resident Matthew Addison. “It took us 30 minutes just to get in the room and the music was whack… the whole thing was uncoordinated, bad planning.”

Addison paid the $15 to get in, but after less than an hour left to go home.

This is the first dance that I honestly felt like I had to criticize, especially since I was one of many upset UAF students that night. Because of the chaos caused by the new regulation, I will not be attending this dance next year.

Students should be informed of new regulations prior to events. I hope students in the future do not have their Halloween ruined by unexpected policies.

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