UAF gets involved this Halloween

Alisha Drumm/Sun Star Reporter
November 6, 2012

Children flood the basement hallways and peak into labs to look at all the spooky artifacts and bones, they answer questions to receive candy. The Museum of the North puts on a annual Halloween event where parents can bring their kids to explore and learn about the museum. Oct. 31, 2012. Cordero Reid/Sun Star.

The Geophysical Institute and UAF Museum of the North used this Halloween season to give back to the Fairbanks community through their Halloween events. 

The Geophysical Institute teamed up with the UAF service club Circle K this Halloween to create an event full of fun and treats for Fairbanks families. From 2 to 4 p.m. Oct. 31, the Geophysical Institute was decorated with cobwebs, spiders and pumpkins as cowboys, princesses and zombies walked around trick-or-treating.

There was also a game room where the children could go and show off their costumes while they played some of the many games including hula-hooping and basketball. Circle K set up for the event.

This is the first year that the Geophysical Institute and Circle K have teamed up and hosted an event open for the general public. “For being the first time we have done anything like this, and for not having had too much advertising, I think it has been great. We have had over 100 people come and enjoy the event. It is really nice to be able to host a family event” said Kaz Alvarez, a UAF student and Circle K member.

The UAF Museum hosted their annual Halloween event that gives the public a family friendly atmosphere to enjoy their Halloween. Children, parents and hosts dressed in a variety of Halloween costumes for this event. The event was open to the general public and had a free admission.

Almost every room in the museum was decorated and offered a different activity for attendees including hands on activities like “create your own costume” and one of the most popular events, the “fright elevator.”

Those who rode the fright elevator were greeted by a pirate and brought down to the lower level of the Museum.

The first level of the museum still presented its regular displays. Children were able to look at bones from different types of animals, bugs, fish skeletons and a Halloween replica of a mummy.

The museum also offered face painting, a Halloween photo shoot and candy on the way out.

Not only did the museum give back to the Fairbanks community by creating a family friendly event for Halloween, they also used this Halloween event to start a canned food drive for the Food Bank.

“There were over 800 cans collected last year. We are hoping for a great turn out again this year,” said Museum Director Carol Diebel.

The Geophysical Institute and UAF Museum both had much success with their Halloween events this year, and plan to have them again in the future.

The Geophysical Institute plans to continue their Halloween event next year. “Based on the success, we would definitely do it again,” said Amy Hartley of the Geophysical Institute.

The UAF Museum also plans to continue their Halloween tradition, that is fun for all. “It’s not just the kids that have fun. It’s the parents, the staff, everyone. I love seeing all of the kids costumes,” said museum Director Carol Diebel.


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