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Gliche – $hine Pt. 1

Jordan Dominique Proctor is on another level of the rap game. Formerly known as Lil Glitch, Gliche has been bleeding confidence in his music without any of the BS. Anyone who has listened to Chris Travis (waterboyz affiliate of TeamSESH’s Bones), may be reminded of him by Gliche’s flow at times. His cadence even sounds like Drake during certain moments of the $hine series. Proctor’s Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube channel pay homage to criminally underrated video game, “Shining Force,” and on Facebook, he goes by Dumpstahmane.

Gliche’s production is reminiscent of Death Grips’ Fashion Week with SEGA nostalgia sprinkled in. I’m even a little reminded of Denzel Curry when Gliche switches up his vocals to perform soaring hooks. For all of these comparisons Proctor is still carving his own path stylistically and as a originator. His aesthetic is imperfect and he databends images for a natural digital appearance. This album for instance looks like an item you would find in a Metal Gear Solid game.

The key to what makes Gliche stand out above other rappers today is his lyrics. In “Okay (Gt It Buddy)”, he recites a hook about how he is so amazing, which may make you shake your head at this Kanye-ish statement. He follows it up, with this verse that I will transcribe for you in full since it exists nowhere else online.


“We whither the weather and whether we wanna admit it, we had to make decisions in life before we were necessarily ready but look, shit we did it. Can’t help but think about if shit were different. If I went down instead of one of the n*ggas that I be missin. But my past sent me on another mission. Shouts out to my blood bro and Clinton. I hope you livin man I hope you livin. Discerns better be respect for the women. I beat the shit out both them n*ggas. I ain’t playin man, and I ain’t a hero but I’m just sayin man Black people need a better image. Infrastructure and an education. Ain’t too late to change how we livin. Lately I been just tryna gain wisdom. Paint Pictures. Make moves. Utilize all my tools. Real tools, not bang tools. You can walk around with the stick all day n*gga you still a stank fool. When you got it like that, you don’t need to act like ya shit don’t stank. I’m mobbin like dash, shining boards in a room man I got a rank. Taking those n*ggas and moppin the floor with em and givin the game a new set of paint. Your aesthetic is pathetic my shit is always red carpet ready. So black like carbon fiber. People please pay the pied piper. *MC Ride: ‘Spread-’ x2 ‘Spread eagle cross the block’ x2”


“Call On Me” is really where Gliche shines. The staccato synth and R&B bassline strut on a drum gallop. Again, here are the lyrics. This one is worthy of your karaoke machine.


“I still got a lot to learn about how to deal with you when you’re in your mood, and I am too. But I’m ready to take the steps. Cause I’ve seen what I got to face. And I know what I’ve got to lose. Baby I will not lose you. So here we go- oh. Why don’t you just open your heart and let love come ow-how-out. Cause you’re not alone, don’t you ever think you are.

And I only own a phone, for the day you need to call, on meeee.

Call on me. Call on me. (call on me) x3. Call on me. (call on me).

Call on me. (call on me). (call on me). (call on me). (call on me).

I am made of so many flaws and I know I got em. I can feel the love flow thru you, I can see it all on your face. Even tho you don’t wanna say it. Even when you don’t wanna say it. We can’t let the pain or the time let us turn jaded. Even on the off time, my feelings for you never faded. I will hold it down for you, even if I got famous. Couldn’t ever picture myself with nobody else. I be by myself if I wasn’t here with you. Single life is hell, I just gotta tell the truth. Ever since I quit the drugs, I’ve been thinkin bout what’s important. Wanna build the perfect life for you just gotta afford it. Promise you one day we gonna move out of Florida. Soon as you feel that you don’t need your family’s support. If that day never comes that’s all good it’s no pressure. Just wanna let you know that I’m here makin the effort.” *Drums bounce, synths shed tears, lights twinkle, choir intensifies*


Whether the subject matter is a personal relationship or a societal issue, Gliche’s lyrics excel the majority of rappers today in terms of maturity, awareness, and progress. He doesn’t say anything without backing it up. “Okay (Gt It Buddy)” brings up respect for women, then the following track, “Call On Me”, brings up drugs. “I Love DMT but Don’t Do It Anymore” says the title in the last bar of the lyrics.

With recent collaborations with Miles Farewell and Sadfem, I think Gliche has the potential to really excel in the rap game but his style is not flashy nor does he use autotune to perfectly hit every note. Its interesting that his name is Gliche, because he uses no cliches other than glitching, which has been increasing in popularity, but has been around for a long time and not been necessarily overdone.

While bragging about affording designer clothing, being popular with women and glorifying lifestyles in a fictional context when there are people actually living it (and not entirely by choice) is the current trend, I hope that the next generation will be more humble and aware of who they are influencing.

Rec’d: 1, 4, 7, 10


Blank Banshee – MEGA

4 years since the release of Blank Banshee 0, S I M P S O N S W A V E, FrankJavCee, and aesthetic memes have saturated the internet with some kind of ever conscious pretense about living in a virtual world. Blank Banshee’s follow-up album (“Blank Banshee 1”) came out a year later, one season later than he had announced. It wasn’t a huge stray from the lush hyper-reality created on “Blank Banshee 0”, but the music videos were much more dense and intricate, as were the compositions. “Blank Banshee 1” was using most of the inspiration and sample sources from “Blank Banshee 0”, but finding new ways to be arranged and mastered.

“MEGA” is the new album from enigmatic vaportrap producer, Blank Banshee, and its apparently it’s own thing.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 6.34.01 PM.png

Again, we have new arrangements with familiar sounds that we have heard in the albums from 2012 and 2013. There is much more focus on vocals without indistinguishable processing than the last album. The bandcamp even features lyrics that are more than:

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 7.27.20 PM.png

which has not been done since the first album.

Old listeners of Blank Banshee may be accustomed to a computer greeting them in either a startup sound or other welcoming tone. “MEGA” doesn’t do this until the second track. The first track, “BIOS”, encompasses the nuanced stereo imaging, trap kit layers, and environmental soundscapes that Blank Banshee always brings to the table. The second track, “My Machine,” is actually refreshing for the most part. “My Machine” has the computer greeting (“login confirmed”) and clubbiness of his hardstyle banger “Bathsalts,” but done in a much more cyberpunk grime meets acid house manner. One might even be reminded of Pictureplane’s “THEE PHYSICAL,” by the way Blank Banshee tackles these vocals like they should have been all along.

“Frozen Flame,” the infamously looped track of “MEGA” release countdown in full is a huge relief for so many desperate fans (such as myself) that allows us to move on with our lives. Thank you BB. Please don’t tease us like that again.

“Gunshots” is a celebratory song. It’s the new “Shots” not featuring Lil Jon. “Megaflora” is so textured it makes sense that this album took as long as it did to be released. Around half of the samples used sound completely new, but the recycled ones keep it true to the signature sound.

“Ecco Chamber” is some Waluigi’s mansion sh*t . Not only is the panning on point, but you can actually the channels flying over your head and retreating into the distance. Other than the song’s title, this track is pretty original. Ecco the dolphin could use some rest though.

“Holograffitti” has a dope bassline that makes it like the fourth wheel to the trilogy of golden basslines from “Blank Banshee 0” (“Ammonia Clouds”, “Venus Death Trap”, and “Hyper Object”). Can’t get enough pan flute yet, it’s becoming more prevalent, but I’m still a sucker for it like when I heard my first hi-hat skitter. The plucked string is showing up more and more, and the crazy thing is thats la pumpkin signature timbre, and her new album dropped on the same day as “MEGA”. It’s called “traumas”, I highly recommend checking it out, especially if you love the strings on “MEGA”.

“XENOS” is all over the place, and a bit boring to be completely honest. It might just be filler. Luckily “Sandclock” makes up for it, even though its kinda basic, it’s structured better. “Hungry Ghost” is important because its singer-songwriter by way of composition. Its like YYU, without the lofi, and all the Banshee.

“Web Ring” is tight because it flows right in from “Hungry Ghost” and is very spacious but not in an ambient way. Its active enough to engage and stimulate, but still has plenty of breathing room. “Meteor Blade” is the best thing we have since “Paradise Disc/芸能山城組” with its alienating vocals and harp, but its not nearly as Paprika or party. “JUNO” is forgettable, but increases the unexpected thrill of “Cerulean”, which sounds nothing like the Baths album.

“Cerulean” sounds like a la pumpkin track at first but then the stereo toms and vocals shoots, give rise to euphoric levels of aurality. It’s like “Infinite Login” in its unpredictable repetitions, but also like “Cyber Slums” in its toxic gratification. There is even some sitar and some buckethead-esque wah riffs. Wow, I just realized how much Blank Banshee is the Buckethead of electronic music.


NOAH B – Night’s Edge

A beat tape. A triller “MEGA” that came out long before “MEGA”. It may or may not be influenced by Blank Banshee whatsoever. It is not totally original sounding either. Its reminiscent of d o w n s t a t e as well. Its really good despite any familiarities that arise. Its like suicideyear “Japan”-era, and eauxwhen. I know I’m just name-dropping, but “Night’s Edge” is really ringing bells right now. I’m hoping some of these names will resonate with you, but if not I am sorry, there are links provided on the website I assure you. It kinda sounds like Drip-133, Cat Soup, other TeamSESH producers, Sadfem, Clams Casino (only barely…), Its even kind of Tron-sounding? XXYYXX?? Yeah? YEAH! WOO! YOU’RE AWESOME. RIYL: Richie Quake tho.


Adamn Killa – Back 2 Ballin

Adamn Killa who was the heat in the Shlohmo produced track featuring Yung Lean “Ten” has an album called Back 2 Ballin that you must hear if you like fire. This album is his debut, he has reached new heights with Chief Keef producer DP Beats on “Mr. 650 The Mixtape”, but I feel like this is place to start with Adamn (I apologize if you’ve been bumpin “Back 2 Ballin” for half a year now).

He opens this mixtape up with his name, “Adamn”. He basically coughs it out like he were a pokemon reciting his name. The first two tracks were produced by Blank Body (not Blank Banshee). Then are both magical, but Sky shows up on “Double Agents,” and flutes us to the middle earth. Also, Adamn’s name could be “Luol Deng” as he mentions on the track of that same title. Sorry it’s hard for me to type when this infectious melody is coating my ears (its distracting). It’s like cotton candy being made inside your brain. DJ Smokey produces on “Mavericks”, whom Adamn also balls like (The Mavericks that is) he is Adammmnnn. He is Adammnnn, woah. ..A-damn!

RIYL: Future, Lil Uzi Vert, ECCO2K, Chief Keef, DJ KENN (<-none of these are featured on this album btw)

Rec’d Tracks: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11


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