Hosting Roast and Boast

Cordero Reid/Sun Star Reporter
December 4, 2012

Xocolatal Mayan sipping chocolate and musical Coffee, Bill Rogers owner of McCafferty’s Coffee House plays music and serves his finest at the Roast and Boast at Northrim Bank. Nov 30, 2012. Cordero Reid/Sun Star

The slogan for last Friday evening was “100% 907” as coffee roasters and bakers from Fairbanks and North Pole joined together for a Roast and Boast hosted by Northrim Bank and the UAF School of Management.

The event took place in the Northrim Bank located across from Sports Authority and next to the newly opened Pier One Imports. Four coffee roasters attended the event: Alaska Coffee Roasting Co., Diving Duck, McCafferty’s Coffee House and North Pole Roasting Company. Honorable mentions included the Take 5 Café & Bakery.

Through the doors of the bank, students were welcomed inside where the smell of coffee beans and baked goods invaded their noses. There were tables and stations set up throughout the bank for the event. The first coffee station from the left was McCafferty’s set up with blends of coffee all named after music genres or songs. Next in line was North Pole with baked cookies and their famous coffee. Alaska Coffee Roasting Co. boasted a French press and Diving Duck talked about their organic coffee and process.

School of Management student Chris Piech and his team put together the event to for the community to try different blends and promote goodwill between the roasters.

Bill Rogers is the owner of McCaferty’s and said he was invited by students to come and participate. Rogers’ quirky steel drum and guitar provided some musical atmosphere. Rogers was also very into the idea that you cannot get better than Fairbanks coffee.

“If you even dream of drinking coffee that’s not roasted in Fairbanks, you need to wake up and apologize,” Rogers said. McCafferty’s is open seven days a week and features live music on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Vice President of Regional Sales and Service Manager at Northrim Bank Tammy L. Kosa was floating around watching attendees and stopping by to speak anyone who approached her. Northrim Bank has a partnership with the School of Management and gave them access to their marketing department to help advertise the event.

Their hope was to let the community know where Northrim is located and roasters get in touch with the community. It was also a great opportunity for students to make connections. The Dean of School of Management Mark Herrman and Director of Development and Outreach Tammy Tragis-McCook were present and enjoying the turnout as well giving out door prizes. The event quickly got underway and soon it was very crowded, especially around the draw box and Gulliver’s Books bread table.

“There were people lined up before we opened the doors right at 4 pm.”  Tragis-McCook said. There were approximately 200 attendees during the course of the two hour event. There is hope that this will turn in to a wonderful event years to come, and from the look of it, it might just come out that way.


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