Human vs. Zombies a bloody success

John Seiler/Sun Star Reporter
April 16, 2013

The humans clamour to reload their Nerf guns and restock their socks for the final third wave that decided the ending to UAF's very first Humans vs. Zombies. Cordero Reid/Sun Star

The humans clamor to reload their Nerf guns and restock their socks for the final third wave that decided the ending to UAF’s very first Humans vs. Zombies. Cordero Reid/Sun Star

A hoard of  humans and zombies battled for dominance during UAF’s first annual Human vs. Zombies event  hosted by Residence Life.

Starting out with 201 humans and one zombie on April 5, the end of the first day brought had 8 zombies. With the most people playing at 252 players, the week long battle ended April 12 at 5 p.m. with a final stand by the humans in a losing effort.

The first person turned Friday night was Mechanical Engineering student Andrew Sharp. “I died very quickly and killed a lot of people.” Sharp was registered himself on the official Humans vs. Zombies website as killing 13 humans during the game.

“At the time the human and zombie teams were half and half, I saw an amazing amount of teamwork explode from both sides, and at that point an time I really enjoyed it,” said Resident Assistant and HVZ coordinator Christopher Clement.

Clement first heard about Humans vs. Zombies from his girlfriend in Juneau, spoke about what he liked that set Fairbanks’ game apart from Juneau’s. “Seeing Humans hunt in packs and forming there own squads without us initiating it , was fantastic. That was something brand new because Juneau, had you sign up as a squad, but the players figured it out by themselves,” Clement said.

During the game, player’s uploaded photos, videos and journals of their experiences while playing to the Humans vs. Zombies Facebook page.  The Facebook group for Humans vs. Zombies was updated daily with fiction that built the story of the game.  Each diary entry by the admin tied in to daily missions that progressed the greater narrative for the story.

The game ended with a party Saturday night during 24 hour table top gaming event at Hess Recreation Center. Human and zombie players gathered with food and drinks and watched videos and photos of peoples experiences during the game with the best stories received prizes for there documentary work.

With growing excitement from student on lookers for the game as the week went on, Clement talked how he would like to create a better experience for next semester. “I definitely would like to see more people involved not that its happened and people know what its about. I want to see more excitement and role playing.”


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