If a tree falls on power lines…

Heather Bryant
Feb. 25, 2011

At approximately 1:30 p.m. on Feb. 25th, a tree was blown onto the power lines on south-bound University Avenue, just south of Wells Fargo. Katie Peck, a 4th year civil engineering student at UAF, was on her way to Wells Fargo when it happened.

“Wells Fargo lost their power, we couldn’t deposit our checks,” said Peck.

Fairbanks is currently experiencing a weather front pulling in moisture and high winds from the Bering Sea, according to forecaster Bob Fischer with the National Weather Service Fairbanks office. “The snow showers are very banded, so it’s hit-and-miss where snow is falling,” said Fischer. This accounts for the variety of conditions UAF is experiencing, ranging from sunny to near-whiteout conditions.

Fairbanks is under a winter storm warning until noon Saturday, Feb. 26. Winds are expected to gust up to 35 mph. In the hills surrounding Fairbanks, it’s expected the winds may reach 50 mph.

National Weather Service – Fairbanks

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