Indigenous and Visible: Fashion with Native perspective

Josh Hartman / Staff Writer


Alisha Gilbert of Arctic Village participated in the show. She wore a deerskin dress tied together with beadwork by Damela Herbert of Chalkysik. The ruff around her shoulders is made of wolf fur. Josh Hartman/ Sun Star

“Indigenous and Visible,” a showcase of local Native art and fashion, was held by the Native Student Union as a fundraiser for their group. The first part of the event allowed attendees to socialize and view art posted around the space. A fashion show featuring 27 models followed, with some models showing more than one outfit. Many outfits combined traditional and modern clothing.

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The Elements Day Spa and Salon donated hair and make-up services for the show. Dineega Clothing and Trickster Company also donated to the event.

Indigenous and Visible was held Saturday, Nov. 19 at The Hub.


Evon Peter, the vice chancellor for Rural Community and Native Education at UAF, wore a traditional men’s shirt of tanned moose hide, called a Vit’lee ts’al, made by his mother. He sported a Dene’ chief’s necklace as well as caribous skin boots and beaded gloves. Josh Hartman/ Sun Star


Adrienne Titus wore an Inupiaq headdress traditional to the coastal community of Unalakleet. The rest of her outfit included Gwich’in dancing boots made from wolverine fur. Josh Hartman/ Sun Star


Alisha Gilbert, came out with a second outfit, sporting rabbit fur gloves that she made herself. She is continuing to work on the gloves to add beadwork along the cuffs. Josh Hartman/ Sun Star


“Water is life,” Princess Daazhraii Johnson said to the audience as she raised her fist at the end of the runway. She wore a shirt with artwork by Isaac Murdoch created to support the indigenous peoples of the Standing Rock Reservation. She also wore a vest designed by Adeline Raboff, with beadwork created by Johnson herself. Josh Hartman/ Sun Star


Angela Nuliayok Rudolph wore a faux sealskin dress from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut fashion designer Ugly Fish. Rudolph is Inuk from Gjoa Haven, Canada. Josh Hartman/ Sun Star


Alisha Gilbert accessorized with a beaded belt made by Josie John, and Caribou leg skin boots made by Trimble and Mary Gilbert. Josh Hartman/ Sun Star


At the end of the show 19 members of and volunteers for the Native Student Union stood together along the runway as Baxter Bond sang traditional songs over the beat of his drum. Josh Hartman/ Sun Star

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