Injuries plague Nanook hockey

By Rebecca Coleman
Sun Star Reporter

The injured list that holds Nanook hockey team members and sophomores Justin Daigle and Andy Taranto, has recently claimed its latest player: hockey captain and senior Kevin Petovello.

While playing Ohio State on the road Nov. 26, Petovello went to hit one of Ohio State’s players. Instead, the player got low on him and hit Petovello’s knee awkwardly.  This injury kept him away from the following night’s game and brought him back to Fairbanks on crutches.

“I don’t really know [how serious it is],” Petovello said.  “I’m not really comfortable skating.”  He won’t be going on the team’s next road games against Ferris State.

Petovello isn’t worried about how the Nanooks will do without him.  “We’ve got a good bunch of guys and a lot of leaders,” he said.  “They know what my expectations are and the expectations of the team, and what they need to accomplish.  They’ll stick together and be just fine.”

With Petovello not joining the team on the road, “the guys get a little more fired up to play,” he said.  “They’re ready to win at all costs.”

He’s hoping to return to game play by the beginning of next semester.  “I’m not sure of my timeline, but I just take it day by day, work hard, and keep positive,” he said.

In keeping with a positive attitude, freshman Michael Quinn will play against Ferris State this weekend (Dec. 10 and 11), making his first appearance on the ice since going on the injured list in October.

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