Rebranding UAF: Naturally Inspiring officially launches

David Spindler/Sun Star Reporter
November 20, 2012

Inspire tag located at Signer’s Hall entrance. Sept. 5, 2012. Alan Fearns/ Sun Star

A new marketing campaign for UAF hosted by the Marketing & Communications Department launched “Naturally Inspiring” last week, a theme that describes the university as being a place where students can do great things.

“In just a couple of words, this theme gives people who aren’t students here a little idea of what its like to be here and to do great things like getting involved with the campus activities, sports and classes,” said Andrew Cassel, Multimedia coordinator for the communications department.

The department spent several months prior to the event looking at new ideas of how they can bring students in and what they might think of the university. “Naturally Inspiring” describes what it is like to learn here and teach,” said Director for Marketing & Communications Michelle Renfrew.

Since Nov. 12, new changes took effect around campus.  There’s the new UAF banners, projections on the SRC and the museum with the words “Naturally Inspiring” written and the new university website homepage about “Naturally Inspiring.”

To reach out to the students on campus, a certain overall theme had to be thrown out that would capture the eyes of many of Alaska’s students. “If you’re a student in Alaska and have spent your whole life in school, you think to yourself and ask why am I still living here? That’s because it’s an exciting place to go to and to be out there. The things that go around me naturally inspire me,” Cassel said.

Last Friday there was an event where students came in who were involved in the commercial shooting together. When Monday, Nov. 14 came around, the event happened a lot over the internet, where everybody changed their cover pictures and profile pictures to support “Naturally Inspiring.”

Renfrew discussed about the many challenges of designing the new banners. “They need to be very simple because you don’t want to try and get a really long message across since people driving by only have a few seconds to look at it,” Renfrew said.

The challenge with designing 75 new banners is they all needed to have a visual representation that would show that we, as a campus, have university pride. The new tagline “Naturally Inspiring” gives just that with its own welcoming tone along with strong eye catching new colors. Alongside the new banners are new decals that have gone up in Signer’s Hall, which replicates the poster that says “we are UAF inspiring people to do great things.” Renfrew claimed it was a 22ft high by 17ft wide poster.

Valerie Schleich, a junior at UAF majoring in Foreign language and Linguistics shared her own thoughts about the new brand. “I feel like the new brand is exponentially better than the old, ‘is {it} for you” motto.” Students can promote the brand through Facebook, twitter, or our website.

“To me the brand is exemplifying what it is that Alaska represents,” said Teal Rogers, a Junior at UAF who’s majoring in education. “We are naturally inspiring.”

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