New intramural set up causes confusion and disappointment among student body

Erin McGroarty/ Sun Star Reporter
October 29, 2012

During an intramural soccer game starting off the second quarter-long season, Martin Grey, a civil engineering student, contemplates his next pass. This game was held in the SRC on the evening of Sunday, Oct 28, 2012. Erin McGroarty/Sun Star

Over the past years, intramural sports have become a beloved staple in student life at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The intramural sports program provides an outlet for students who enjoy participating in sports as a team, without the pressure of intercollegiate competition. However, recent alterations to the program have caused frustration and disappointment among students.

Intramural sports seasons have previously been separated into quarters, providing two seasons each semester. This meant that students would be able to get more playing time in each semester. There were two leagues during each quarter-long season, a Monday/Wednesday league, and a Tuesday/Thursday league. However, recent changes have combined the previous two leagues into one, giving less gym time to each sport.

UAF student and intramural fan, Quinn Verfaillie, said that his soccer team only had a total of three games this season, as apposed to the previous six or eight games.

According to ASUAF senator, electrical engineering student and intramural veteran, Mickey Zakurdaew, one of the largest changes to the intramural sports program over the past few years has been the switch from filling out a roster and paying through the SRC to using the IMleagues website for registration. The program has also switched to collecting registration fees through PayPal, as apposed to paying directly at the SRC.

Not only is the website used for registration and payment, but it also provides valuable information to students participating in the sports. However, the use of the website to share information to teams has not worked out as well as originally hoped.

 “That’s kinda my biggest issue; just a lack of communication to people,” Zakurdaew said in reference to the use of IMleagues.

Rather than information being provided by word of mouth from SRC and intramural program officials, as it used to be in past years, more dependence has been put on students using the IMleagues website, which has caused a number of problems with information being received too late. A major issue this semester was students not finding out it was the last day to register until the date had already passed.

“Honestly I really liked the old system,” Zakurdaew said, “It helped all my teams get together and hang out more because we depended more on getting info from the captain, but I can see how this definitely makes it easier on the SRC.”

Broomball, one of UAFs most popular intramural sports, was recently moved to an outdoor ice rink due to difficulty with ice costs for the Patty Center Rink. According to Verfaillie, a broomball veteran, this has ultimately been a positive change for the sport . According to Zakurdaew, his team has been able to play more games on the outdoor rink because of the lack of time conflicts with other people wanting to use the rink.

Verfaillie commented that the number of students playing broomball has actually increased because of the switch to the outdoor rink. This has been shown through the increased number of broomball teams registered both quarters with IMleagues and participating in the now outdoor sport.

While some frustrations have risen among the student body regarding recent alterations to the intramural program, some sports have remained steady. Marx Smith, a sophomore petroleum engineering student, who plays ultimate frisbee on a weekly basis commented that he was pleased his playing time had not been dropped and that some sports were remaining constant. Although many frustrations have risen among students regarding the recent changes to the program, change typically takes time, and with the previous support that been provided by hundreds of students, the intramural program will continue to hold a place in the hearts of many UAF students.

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  1. John Seiler says:

    The reason more people are playing broomball is because there not charging $50 a semester to play.

    Personally, I’m not a fan of playing outside. The set-up outside isnt that great, and it’s not as fun as playing inside at night.

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