Police Blotter: August 10 – 23, 2011

Individuals named as arrested and/or charged with crimes in this report are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This report is based on the information published by the University Police Department. The Sun Star is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the report.

Date: Aug. 10
Location:  Skarland Hall
Case Number:  11-00367
Call Type:  Theft

A person reported  they lent their debit card out and didn’t get it back, and the borrower spent more than the agreed-upon amount. The UAF Police contacted the borrower to return both the card and the money.

Date: Aug. 10
Location:  Taku Drive
Case Number:  11-00368
Call Type:  Motor Vehicle Accident

UAF Police responded to a two-vehicle motor accident and cited John W. Keller, 64 of Fairbanks, with failing to prevent a collision.

Date:  Aug. 13
Location:  UAF Bike Trail/ Alumni to Taku Dr
Case Number: 11‐00370
Call Type:  Drugs

UAF Police checked on a weaving pedestrian, who tried to run away after giving their ID to police. An officer found marijuana and transported the suspect to the Fairbanks Correctional Center. The police charged Alex L. Bradley, 18 of Fairbanks, with minor in possession.

Date: Aug. 15
Location:  Gruening Lot
Case Number: 11‐00373
Call Type: Vehicle Fire

The UAF police and fire department responded to a report of a vehicle fire in the parking lot next to the Gruening Building.

Date: Aug. 16
Location:  College Road
Case Number: 11‐00374
Call Type: Drugs

Police stopped a vehicle for an equipment violation. They arrested the driver for having pills prescribed under another name.  Police dropped the charges after finding out the drug wasn’t in the Controlled Substances Act.

Date: Aug. 16
Location:  Yukon Drive
Case Number: 11‐00375
Call Type: Suspicious Circumstances

Officers contacted the owner of an ATV reported to be running on the roadway without a driver. The owner retrieved the ATV after telling officers a friend had borrowed the vehicle.

Date: Aug. 16
Location:  Butrovich Building
Case Number: 11‐00376
Call Type: Vandalism

A witness reported a man kicking lights out in Butrovich and vandalizing other places around campus. UAF Police arrested James E. McDonald II, 36 of Delta Junction, for criminal mischief and transported him to the FCC. Facilities Services will provide the DA with a damage estimate.

Date: Aug. 16
Location:  Harwood Hall
Case Number: 11‐00377
Call Type: Vandalism

A person reported that multiple vehicles in the Harwood Hall parking lot may have been vandalized.

Date: Aug. 18
Location:  UAF Campus
Case Number: 11‐00382
Call Type: Suspicious Circumstances

The UA General Counsel asked UAF police to investigate possibly forged documents.

Date: Aug. 19
Location:  Haida Lot
Case Number: 11‐00383
Call Type: Vandalism

An officer responded to a report of vehicle vandalism and found someone had damaged a department vehicle with a rock. The officer took photos of the scene.

Date: Aug. 20

Location:  Upper Dorms Lot
Case Number:  11‐00387
Call Type: MVA

A person reported a motor accident in an upper campus parking lot.

Date: Aug. 23
Location:  Bunnell Building
Case Number: 11‐00392
Call Type: Theft

A person reported an iPad stolen from a locked room. The iPad was last seen Aug. 22.


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