Intramural basketball players pick up games and good times

During the first period of the Intramural Basketball game between OTN and Woo Tang Clan, held Thursday, Oct. 27, OTN member Daniel Herman (left) searches for a quick pass as a team member looks on. Erin McGroarty/ Sun Star

Erin McGroarty/ Sun Star Reporter
Nov. 1, 2011

Yells and whistles rang out across the SRC gym. Court one filled with the two basketball teams playing the evening of Oct. 27. Loud jokes were tossed around as players rough-housed before the game. After checking in with the game official and grabbing a jersey, the respective teams got down to business. As soon as the whistle blew Thursday evening, the heat was on. The Woo Tang Clan, clad in blue, and OTN, wearing yellow jerseys, took the court.

While one of the many joys of playing intramural sports is the variety within and among the teams, some teams have been together for much longer than one season. According to past captain Charlie Hill, this year will be OTN’s fourth year together. The team’s name, OTN, does not stand for anything in particular, but just sounded cool, according to members of the team.

There is a season for each semester, and through six seasons, this team has become a band of brothers. This group of men has been playing basketball together, either on the same team or on regularly competing teams, since before they graduated high school. When they reached college, they decided to create a team together. While they are always welcoming new players, the core group of the team has been there from the beginning.

“We’re a pretty solid group,” Sheldon Webb said, standing on the sidelines of the court after being subbed out.

OTN is one of three basketball teams in the the league, Recreational Session 2. Teams play against one another many times throughout the semester-long season. This, however, was only the second game of the season, which started on Oct. 24th, so OTN had not played Woo Tang since last spring. OTN lost to the Woo Tang Clan by one point.

“I think we lost just because we had too many turnovers, and sloppy defense,” Charlie Hill, a longtime member of OTN, said after the game, “We have played these guys before, but I just don’t think we were focused tonight.”

This loss marked the first time that OTN lost in three years. This loss came as a hard disappointment after three solid years of winning each intramural championship and being announced by the UAF organization of Intramural Sports as one of UAF’s most consistent intramural teams.

“We’re not used to losing, but I think we’ll be able to pick it up again and snap back, this is only the second game,” Hill said.

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