ASUAF Recap – Nov. 6, 2011

Senators in attendance
Jennifer Chambers, Chelsea Holt, Robert Kinnard III, Blake Burley, Rusty Young, Christian Burns-Shafer, John Netardus, Jesse Cervin, Arthur Martin, Will Collingwood, Timothy Grediagin, Michael Golub, Fred Brown, Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita and McKinley Zakurdaew

Senators absent
Andy Chamberlain

Officers in attendance
Mari Freitag (ASUAF president)
Dillon Ball (ASUAF vice president)

Committee appointments
Mari Freitag appointed Jeremia Schrock as the student representative on the Master Planning Committee. Freitag also appointed Jesse Manchester to the Accreditation Steering Committee. Both appointments were sent to the university relations committee.

Website updates
A student was hired as web director for the ASUAF website, although the senate has not yet released a name. The website will also be moved from its current content management system (Drupal) to Roxen, the system used by UAF. A content management system is a service which allows users to alter their website without having to change the coding.

Elections board appointed
Will Collingwood and Virgina Miner were appointed to the elections board. Collingwood was confirmed by a vote of 10-1 (with Timothy Grediagin voting no) and Miner was confirmed by a vote of 7-1 (with Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita voting no). The elections board oversees all aspects of ASUAF elections.

Committees lack quorum
The internal affairs, university relations and public relations committees failed to make quorum this week. Only the executive and student affairs committees successfully met.

Club council committee bill
“SB 177-018: Club Council Ad Hoc Committee” remains in the internal affairs committee.

Water quality bill
“SB 177-014: Water Quality Testing” has been tabled pending further information.

Power play bill passes
“SB 177-015: Sponsoring Power Play Event at the Museum of the North” will give $500 to the UA Museum of the North to help cover the costs of the museum’s Oct. 20 student-only event. The event cost approximately $1,000. It was passed by a vote of 12-2, with Will Collingwood and Blake Burley casting the dissenting votes.

Chemistry class bill
“SB 177-019: CLEP Out and Graduate” would allot $2,400 to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) to create a CLEP program for Chemistry 106. The bill was sponsored by Michael Golub (president of SAE), McKinley Zakurdaew and Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita. The bill was sent to the executive committee.

ArtFest funding bill
“SB 177-020: ArtFest Funding” would give $200 to ArtFest, “a student-initiated project which will result in a First Friday like event” that will take place every month, according to the legislation. The bill was sponsored by Jennifer Chambers and was sent to the student affairs committee.

Broomball fees raised
“SR 177-002: Recognition of the Issue of Raised Fees for Ice Intramural Participants” is a senate resolution which addresses the increase in fees for broomball teams. At present, broomball players pay $14/semester to use the Patty Center but, beginning next spring, will see their per semester fee raised to $50/semester. The resolution would address the fact that a majority of current and future “ice intramural” players have stated that they would rather not play then pay the higher fee. The resolution was sponsored by McKinley Zakurdaew, Fred Brown, John Netardus and Arthur Martin. It has been sent to the university relations committee.

No T-Shirts for Quidditch Club
“SB 177-004: T-Shirts for Quidditch Club” was defeated by a vote of 8-6. Since the bill would have provided money from rollover, it needed at least a two-thirds majority to pass. John Netardus, Will Collingwood, Christian Burns-Shafer, Jesse Cervin, Robert Kinnard III and Blake Burley voted no. Mari Freitag expressed surprise that the bill didn’t pass. The student affairs committee recommended the bill for adoption.

Quidditch Club recognized
“SB: 177-016: Recognizing Quidditch Club’s Participation” passed by a vote of 8-6. The bill was amended to provide the club with $400. The dissenting votes were cast by John Netardus, Will Collingwood, Jesse Cervin, Robert Kinnard III, Blake Burley and Timothy Grediagin. The student affairs committee recommended the bill not be adopted.

Clubs get funded
The senate approved the club council’s proposal for funding. This semester, 47 clubs received $16,500. The club who received the most was the Socratic Society ($672.95) and the club who received the least funding was the Native Alaskan Business Leaders ($167.95). The proposal was sponsored by the club council finance committee.

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