ASUAF Recap – Nov. 13, 2011

Senators in attendance
Jesse Cervin
Jennifer Chambers
Andy Chamberlain
Robert Kinnard III
John Netardus
Michael Golub
Blake Burley
McKinley Zakurdaew
Rusty Young
Timothy Grediagin
Fred Brown

Senators absent
Chelsea Holt
Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita
Will Collingwood
Christian Burns-Shafer

Officers in attendance
Josh Banks (government relations director)

Manchester confirmed
Jesse Manchester was confirmed to the Accreditation Steering Committee (ACS) by a vote of 9-0. The committee will help UAF determine the quality of its programs “through evaluations based on institutional mission, accepted academic standards, and expectations of the public,” according to the UAF accreditation webpage.

Bills tabled
The internal affairs and student affairs committees continue to table “SB 177-018: Club Council Ad Hoc Committee” and “SB 177-014: Water Quality Testing,”respectively.

Administration to address broomball fee
Both vice chancellor Mike Sfraga and executive officer Ali Kinabe will attend the senate’s Nov. 20 meeting. Sfraga and Kinabe will address the senate concerning “SR 177-002: A Recognition of the Issue of Raised Fees for Intramural Participants.” The resolution was moved to the university relations committee. By approving the resolution, the senate would formally acknowledge the intentions of Student Services to raise students’ fees for use of the Patty Center Ice Rink from $14/semester to $50/semester. The increase in fees would be effective Spring 2012.

Senate meeting canceled
The Nov. 27 senate meeting was canceled so that the senate could hold their annual retreat. The annual retreat is a training workshop for new senators.

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