ASUAF Recap – Dec. 4, 2011

Jeremia Schrock/ Sun Star Reporter
Dec. 6, 2011

Senators in attendance
Jennifer Chambers, Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita, Arthur Martin, John Netardus, Chelsea Holt, Robert Kinnard III, Rusty Young, Fred Brown, Timothy Grediagin, Will Collingwood, Andy Chamberlain

Senators absent
McKinley Zakurdaew, Christian Burns-Shafer, Jesse Cervin, Blake Burly

Officer in attendance
Dillon Ball

Special election voted down
The senate voted against an Elections Board decision to hold a special election for the Concert Board. A student complained to the board that the election did not uphold  Section 504 of the Elections Manual. The board agreed and wrote that holding an election would be an “appropriate relief for the complaint.” Yuzhun Evanoff, one of the two people running for Concert Board, appealed the decision. Evanoff, who lost to Frank Gamboa, wrote that he was “fine” with the results, and didn’t think a special election was necessary.

Travel applications receiving funding
The executive committee has reviewed all travel applications submitted to the senate committee chair Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita said. The committee will spread the $11,000 provided for travel applications among all 41 applications.

Juneau conference funding
“SB 177-021: Juneau Legislative Conference Spring 2012” would use $4,000 to send a group of senators to Juneau for the annual legislative conference. Every spring the student government sends a group of senators to lobby on behalf of student concerns at UAF. The bill was sent to the public relations committee.

Student organization funding
“SB 177-022: Funding for the Human Services Student Organization” allotted $250 to the Human Services Student Organization. The club did not receive funding early in the semester due to a clerical error. In order to be eligible for funding, a club must attend two out of three club council meetings. The club attended two meetings, but was marked absent for one of them. The bill was passed by consent, meaning no senators objected to the motion.

Broomball resolution passes
“SR 177-002A: Recognition of the Issue Raised Fees for Ice Intramural Participants” was passed by a vote of 9-0. The resolution officially states that the student government disagrees with the UAF administration’s decision to raise fees for broomball players from $14/semester to $50/semester.

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